AGSX grand opening – Gastronomy Catering

Finally, the Grand opening of AGSX – Australian Gold and Silver Exchange. The place for all your gold and silver needs. Buying, selling, even scrap. And gift ideas! Collectible coins! How awesome is that.

Anyway, this is a food blog isn’t it? So I’m here to talk about Gastronomy Catering. Sourcing for a good catering company for your event is not easy. I know, I had to do this.


On top of confirming a guest list, there’s quotes and menus and how many servers we need etc, the numbers are pretty overwhelming! Gastronomy takes care of that for you. I was given an easy to understand menu, a few questions here and there, we were good to go.
1) 1 server per 25 guests
2) you can have package with or without drinks. BYO no additional corkage charge. Ice is $4.50 per pack if you want it provided.
3) 3 canapés = 2 fillers = 1 small meal.

How easy is that?


We’ve picked the 9 canapés with 2 fillers menu + 2 extra canapés per guest. This is the list of items I’ve selected. Some of the canapés had a double serve.



We started off with the asparagus spears with wasabi, black and white sesame coating. I didn’t get to try this, it went pretty quickly,



Mini king crab sandwich with broccolini, red capsicum rouille. Didn’t get to try this as I was organising our guests and showing them around. But the feedback was good.



Baked zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta cheese, lemon zest and broad beans. Now zucchini flowers have always been a crowd favourite. No different today. Most people were curious. But after they had one, they just wanted more. The filling was done well, and this is presented amazingly.



New Zealand king salmon pastrami with baby herbs. This was really well seasoned and we couldn’t stop from helping ourselves with more pieces each time it passed us.



Pork and chorizo meatballs with capsicum dip. I had the meatballs without the dip, and it was still good. Wish I had some dip though, it looked good.



Thai caramelised pork belly with pineapple on crispy wonton. Can’t get enough of this. No one could. Most amazing thing ever. It’s pork belly. You can’t argue with pork belly. It’s the best.



Mini Yorkshire pudding, sweet pea mint purée, tomato relish. Yummy little puddings that were good even when cold. We had these left over, and were just taking a bite to eat each of it. I picked it just because I needed a “vegetarian option”. It turned out really delicious and I enjoyed it too.



Fillers are bigger pieces of food that takes a little more than a bite. We just wanted to make sure our guests are filled up and satisfied, so we got 2 different types for people to pick on.

Wagyu beef patties with tomato lettuce and cheese sliders. Had quite a few of these. Beef patties are juicy, mini buns were soft and delicious.



Next up is BBQ quail with orange zest, pink peppercorn, sea salt. I had this cold, but when I saw it served, it was in a large platter. It is actually quite easy to eat, as it has been de-boned and the bone left on it, works as a perfect “handle”. It is slightly drippy though, because of the sauce on it. Still good. A little pink, but quail is good with a little pink on it.



Who’s ready for desserts? Dessert canapés counts as canapés.

We had the fresh berry tartlet. Each of these little bite size perfection had just the right amount of pastry, cream and fruit in each bite.



Last but not least, my favourite dish of the day. Raspberry profiteroles with chocolate mousse cream. Smooth chocolate mousse, perfectly sized puff pastry and a dusting of raspberry. Such a delicious piece of pastry! I practically filled a whole plastic plate up with it, and hid it in my boss’s office so we could share it after. I kept trying to hide it, and we ended up with quite a bit. But everyone at the office were really happy about it.



I do hope everyone had a great evening. The catering company Gastronomy did a fantastic job. The staff are professional, great service, very experienced. Even helped with suggesting serving at different location and moving smoothly with the crowd. The chefs on-site that preped, heated up, plated the food were really friendly and I believe, easy to work with. And they are flexible in helping us out and getting all the food out at the right time.

The whole event ran smoothly. We had many wonderful photo ops, a lovely photo wall, timeline, balloon decorations, everything is great. We welcome everyone to visit us at AGSX, Australian Gold And Silver Exchange. We are a company that deals with gold and silver bullion as well as collectible coin. We are located at Level 7 Suite 2, Dymocks Building, 428 George St, Sydney. For all your gold and silver investment and collection needs.

Visit us on our website at for more information.



Here are some photos of our store during the opening. (Photos courtesy of Accounts)

Our reception area complete with comfy sofas and a feature wall.



Our shop display, view from entrance.



Our collectible coins. We have coins that we have designed and commissioned, minted by The Perth Mint. We also carry a good range of products from The Royal Australian Mint and The Perth Mint.



Our AGSX bullion, gold and silver coins and bars, and a range of The Perth Mint bullion coins.



Our AGSX trading centre counters.



Thank you all who have attended our event, and we hope you have enjoyed the speeches and presentation that we have prepared for you.