Saké Restaurant & Bar – The Rocks

Such a lovely day! Was at Circular Quay, Opera House watching the opera.



Then we walked around the harbour to The Rocks for dinner.



At the lovely Saké Restaurant & Bar.



We were seated at a share table, with lovely orchids in a vase.



Started with edamame. We get a choice between just the normal salt flakes seasoning or spicy. I’m going to put chilli powder on all my home cooked edamame from now on. Fantastic kick. And these edamame was done perfectly. Not overdone, still has a little bite to it. And the service was great. Every time we finished a dish, someone would be there to pick it up, and empty our edamame shell bowl.



Sashimi tacos with sake shots! If you have to pick a starter, you have to pick this. You eat the taco, and shoot. I’m not sure what the order was, but it was amazing. Fresh sashimi, sweet sake accompanying it. Just lovely. The crunch the bite, the texture, everything was just great.



We had another entree, the panko rice balls. I believe it’s brown rice, edamame and mushrooms. Fried perfectly. Breaded well, good crunchy texture. The dipping sauce is pretty amazing too.



We shared a maki roll called “s express”. Scallops, seared salmon with endives. Wow. Like wow. (No cucumbers of course) I loved it! Such a great roll!



Yes, of course I’ll be back! Can’t wait to try the rest of the menu. Wagyu beef and such. Great service too! Everyone was really friendly, and the place looks amazing.

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