Alice’s Makan – Sydney CBD (Part 2)

(You can view Part 1 here)

At HSBC Centre’s food court in the heart of the city, with amazing Malaysian food. It’s been awhile since I picked up some lunch from them.

This is the last day they are doing popiah. (I heard it is coming back at some stage! Hopefully soon) so I rushed out, and picked up 3 boxes! I wanted 2, but my co-worker took 1!! So I went back after work, but the lady in front of me bought the last one! It’s such an amazing dish. Loved it. Perfectly done, the rice paper is good, the vegetables are done perfectly, the eggs is lovely, everything is good. I want more.

So here we have, a lovely pic!



So here it’s a pic of all our boxes of awesome popiah.



A little close up, so you can see all the vegetables and ingredients and things like that.



Alice also does a pretty good wonton noodles. Authentic dry wonton noodles, a perfect dark sauce and a properly cooked noodles. The vegetable are well boiled, and there’s wontons and BBQ pork.



Looking for good Singaporean/Malaysian food, this is where you go! And Alice does awesome kueys (cakes/desserts) too.

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