The Rocks Brewing Co – Alexandria

A brewery that serves breakfast? Who would have thought! They are open from 7.30am to 10.00pm, 7 days a week. These are the people who brought you Harts Pub (previous blog post here), which is pretty amazing too.
Here is a link to the Rocks Brewing Co.



Located in Alexandria, 160 Bourke Road. Managed to snap a quick pic while friend drove past. It’s all fuzzy, but at least you can see the address. 160 Bourke Rd, Alexandria.



It’s just such a sight, when you walk into the compound. Lots of open space.



I love that you are able to see the machinery for brewing, right next to where you have breakfast. It’s just amazing. Shiny! Shiny shiny shiny….



Walk straight in, and you place your order for your meal at the bar.



Here’s the breakfast menu. They do serve lunch and dinner too, but here’s breakfast! Here’s a link for their menus.



Started breakfast with a skim cappuccino. Good coffee.



Got my usual breakfast of Eggs Benedict. Benedict with Conviction. Wasn’t disappointed.



What’s so special about this? It’s poached eggs on spinach and bacon, on top of the most perfectly crisped hash browns. Hash browns! I love potatoes, and these were done great.
The eggs are poached beautifully as well! Look at the yolk flowing down the bacon. It’s runny but not transparent or wet. Just runny and gooey.
No bread! Way to cut out the middle man. Flavours of the hollandaise sauce is good, not too salty or tart. The bacon gave the dish a lot of salt and flavour.



Finished the meal off with salted caramel affogato. Yes you heard me right. SALTED CARAMEL affogato. It’s on the board! Life changing.



It’s served with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of salted caramel sauce. Then a shot of espresso on the side.



Pour the espresso over the ice cream to enjoy!



It’s a huge area with indoor and out door seating. You can take your pick on where you would like to sit. Just let the person at the counter know, as the order number is given to you after you make your order at the counter. Plenty of seating. But I can imagine how crowded this place would be at dinner time. Will have to drop by again to take a look.




The indoor and some of the outdoor areas are non smoking area. But the place is really spacious. The area behind the glass are smoking area.




Here’s a view of the kitchen window. With some specials on the board. And a neat row of food sitting in a row. I have to come back for dinner some day. They sound awesome.



Of course you can buy beer at the brewery. I bought a pack of Golden Ale. A 4 pack for $16.



And a stubby holder.



Or you can just get a pint or stubby. From all the taps on the wall. Take your pick!



Or just water. Love the deco for this place. No details are spared. A keg of water, just adorable.



I had a great time there. I hope you do too!

Update: revisit on 6th April 2014

Steak! A simple sirloin steak. It was a little tough according to my friend who has the steak. She asked for medium rare and it was a little more charred than expected.


Vege-burger. This was apparently good. With waffle fries. Mmmm I love waffle fries. Burger bun looks a little squished, but I’m sure the burger is still good. Friend loved the vege-burger!


Insides of the vege-burger. Actual vegetables! Friend really wanted the onion rings, maybe next time! Burger was good enough to make her forget she didn’t get her onion rings.


I had the pull pork burger. This is actually really good. Good burger! Enjoyed it. Was feeling a little under the weather, but this was still good. Only managed a 1/4, I’m sure if it wasn’t for my damn flu, I would have finished it.


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