1912 Jazz Bar – Haymarket (Part 2)

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So I’m back here again for dinner! For a post opening ceremony party. It was awesome. We all had a fantastic time, and it was a wonderful meal.

There are some changes to the mains, and I believe there are going to be new unique add-ons to the entree menu as well.



So the usual entree, salmon carpaccio. Thinly sliced salmon, a good drizzle of sauce on top, and that fried shallot crunch. Just perfect together. I believe this is a must have.



Next up is the chicken kaarage, with a really good batter that is light, and not over powering. Just a simple batter, and the chicken is fried well, good seasoning and juicy on the inside.



Still my favourite snack with drinks, the grilled ehire. It’s like a slice of BBQ meat, it’s seasoned with mirin for a nice subtle sweet flavour, and lightly grilled for it’s chewy texture that I really enjoy. Must have! With beer and lots of other alcohol! We should just keep getting this, over and over and over again. With drinks. I’m sure I would be really satisfied if I could just sit around all night, drinking and eating Ehire, especially this particular ehire, which is seasoned with mirin.



I believe this is a squid salad. I wasn’t responsible for ordering anything. I’m not fond of the texture of squid/octopus that’s not cooked. But I tried it anyway, the flavour is good. If you don’t mind the texture, this is properly seasoned, it is well prepared, nice balanced portion size.



Boneless chicken wings stuffed with minced pork and chives, just like a dumpling, then cooked and deep fried. Okay, what is there not to love? It is 1) boneless, 2) stuffed 3) fried. And is flavourful, juicy, splendid. So much food, and we still continued plowing through it.



Takoyaki. Octopus balls that is covered in batter and grilled. It’s quite normal, but delicious anyway. Pretty much a staple order I would make when I run out of what to order, and I want to fill up my tummy. This and edamame.



This is warm tamagoyaki, sweet egg omelette roll. I really like tamagoyaki, and the sauce accompanying it is good, but I wish the eggs’ cold instead of warm. Might just be something that I’m used to, like on top of sushi, but I’m sure if it’s cold, and had this wonderful warm sauce on it, would be perfect. I also enjoy the extra kick the chilli strips give.



A full plate of tempura vegetables. That’s what I’ve been told, or was it soft shell crabs. I didn’t try this, but I could hear the crunch when my co-worker took a bite out of it. And she said it’s good. It’s defiantly presented nicely.



On to the mains!

Snapper fillet. Honestly, by now, most of us are quite full. And I didn’t get to try this. But I heard the salsa is nice. And the panko breading looks perfect. Fried really well.



Wafu Salmon Fillet. The fish is done really well, but I do miss the miso salmon that they used to have. It’s a very light main.



I had the scotch fillet. Tender meat, but again, I’m really spoilt with mid-west steak, and I honestly prefer the 1912’s Wagyu a lot more. Asked for medium rare, got medium rare. That is what’s good, right there.



Pork belly, good as usual. The skin is crispy, and the meat is tender and flavourful. Just enjoyable. Don’t forget the croquet it came with. Nice crunchy and smooth mash.



Thanks boss! And as for the sake, not sure which it was, but it tastes really good. Perfect sweetness.



Great meal, great day. Just great!

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