Kiroran Silk Road Uygur Restaurant – Haymarket

Looking for some Halal Chinese style food? For some amazing lamb skewers? Here we have Kiroran at Dixon One, with some lovely Uygur food!


They are a Halal restaurant, so no pork. I managed to get a snippet of their menu from the window, not like it really helps, but here’s a pic.


Lamb skewers! Here are some lamb skewers. They are awesome, flavourful and tender. I like these lamb skewers, yes I do! You should always order the lamb skewers here if you can.


After the lamb skewers, the rest was a blur. I’m not fond of vegetables, and this was particularly peppery. So no, didn’t like it.


Noodles were good. I can’t remember which one this is in particular, but the handmade noodles are really quite lovely, and the sauce is good too. I just went straight for the carbs. Yum.


Lamb dumplings. Not a fan. Friends like it quite a lot, but it just really isn’t for me. The filling wasn’t something that I’m used I suppose, but I really couldn’t get into it, that’s all.


The skin is good and everything, just didn’t enjoy the meat in it. Close up.


It has a family restaurant style, and the deco hasn’t changed since I visited it 5 years ago. But the lamb is as good as I remember. Sparsely furnished. Cash only.

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