Masuya Seafood Restaurant – Sydney CBD

What’s with all the weekend rain? It’s always incredibly pleasant on Mondays through Wednesday, and on Thursday night, it would start raining all the way through to the weekend. Even so, this did not put a damper on our plans for shabu shabu this Friday. My lovely friend picked out Masuya, located on O’Connell St in Sydney CBD.



Masuya has 2 separate restaurant. Not to be confused by Masuya Izakaya right next to it. Will probably come back for this Masuya. I like izakaya. Japanese pub food is really nice. Ehire and beer? Sign me up! But no, this isn’t the place for tonight.



Masuya Japanese Seafood Restaurant is located in the basement. The sign is huge, so you can’t miss it. Unless you are me, and I totally missed it cause the sign was too huge.

So we settled into our seats. Ordered plum wine in soda. That was good. Then started the meal with the usual edamame. Cooked well, lightly salted. Just right. Still has the little crunch to it. Itadakimasu!



Next up, I’m like “I want yakiniku, and shabu shabu. What are we going to do?” Why not wagyu yakiniku? Best decision ever. I would return for the wagyu yakiniku on a bed of chunky mash potatoes. Extremely tender pieces of wagyu beef, that you can feel melting in your mouth. The marbling and texture is amazing. The sauce on it is good too, and that chunky mash, I like mash potatoes a little chunky. So it’s really, just the way I like it. Photo doesn’t do this justice at all!!



Next was our main dish for the evening. The shabu shabu! We ordered the chanko pot, which is the traditional dashi stock. Cute pot.



Inside, there’s fish, tofu, vegetables etc…



And prawns and scallops on the side, waiting for the soup to boil a little, before adding. Full table service. We didn’t have to cook.



Once the soup was ready, the prawns and scallops were added to them. And soon, it was ready to eat! It turned out really good. I enjoyed my prawns, fishballs, tofu…



And after we were done, I ordered a side of enoki mushrooms. Missed out on the photo of the mushrooms. You can order a side of mushrooms for $8, so it’s like an assortment of mushroom, but I only enjoy enoki, and the other girls wasn’t as keen, so I asked for only enoki. Can’t believe I missed out on a pic of a mountain of enoki mushrooms. The staff have been kind to accommodate us, and were extremely generous with the serving. The soup was good. It was really delicious. I would try the other soups next time too. Maybe wagyu hotpot one day too. Haha. $55 a person (minimum 2), instead of $55 a pot.

We ended the meal with a serve of the rainbow roll. Which is incredibly pretty. I was too busy with my enoki, while the other girls ate the roll. It apparently is really good.



It was a great experience! Good service. Would definitely return if I could. For more of that wagyu yakiniku, and maybe some day, the wagyu hot pot.

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