PappaRich – Chatswood

20140413-151708.jpgMalaysian food! Or Singaporean food, whichever. It’s like, roti prata or roti canai. Mostly the same, but served quite differently. We have a lot of similar stuff, but there’s quite a difference in a lot of things. Today we are here for mainly singaporean style food.

The place is quite spacious. Lots of room. The interior is fitted out really well. And I’m glad, there isn’t a queue, which is pretty awesome. Usually there’s a huge line, when it was 1st opened in Sydney, my friends told me there’s always a line, and today, it was okay. Might’ve been the weekend rain.



The kitchen is long and open, which is really nice.


Here we have the chef preparing roti canai.


And here is chicken satay. I miss chicken satay. Didn’t order it though.


We started with drinks. Bandung with grass jelly. Bandung is a rose syrup flavoured milk drink. It’s something we used to have as a treat when we were growing up. The grass jelly in it, is really a treat. A little extra something.


Teh tarik, pretty standard. A hot milk tea that’s been “pulled” to cool and mixed. The process is interesting. The milk tea is good. Served in a traditional cup and saucer. It’s always nice to look at traditional crockery.


I had the lemon honey water. Refreshing, but for some reason, not cold enough. Even with the little cubes of ice floating around.


Here is a dish, when you look in the menu, read the title, and pretty much go “this is why we are fat. Give me one! Stat!” Deep fried chicken skin served with sweet chilli sauce. Simply amazing. Like, yes please. Can I have some more?


Nasi lemak with chicken curry was ordered. Nasi lemak is a coconut rice. And it’s served with fried/roasted peanut and anchovies, curry or fried meat, and other little dishes. This one looks pretty complete. With extras. Friend said it’s really good and satisfying.


Hainanese chicken rice. This is what we were here for. I didn’t get this. But I remember it being pretty good! And my friend loved it. We did well.


I had the prawn noodles, no bean sprout. Loved it. Good soup, good bit of spice, good stuff! Nice and warm for a rainy day.


Good food good company. What more can you ask for? Besides the fact that we drove from Eastern suburbs up north for chicken rice. Technically for chicken rice. Ended up with another dish but still good! Will return.