Arisun Korean Beer House & Restaurant – Haymarket

Due to the recent popularity of “My Love From The Star” a Korean drama, it has sparked an interest in Fried Chicken and Beer. Korean fried chicken and beer. For what reason? I have no idea. Well, on this link on Buzzfeed explains a little. First snow and the leading lady thinks of fried chicken and beer. Apparent it’s her favourite food. I don’t blame her, it’s an awesome combination.

And one of my co-workers is really “involved” in the show. So she decided to take me to her favourite Korean fried chicken place.


We started with a hot pot. It’s quite warm and it has the usual stuff I like in a Korean hot pot. Sausages and tofu! Wish it came with rice cakes. Would have been perfect. Noodles are okay, but it’s not rice cakes!!!


After it’s all boiled up. Ah, such a pleasant and lovely soup.


We had a plate of noodles. Can’t remember much about the noodles though.


Here’s a plate of fried chicken. Korean fried chicken! It’s fried really really well. The skin is crispy, and there is sort of like a sweet sauce over it. I like the sauce and I like the skin very much. The chicken could be marinated a little more, but it was cooked really well! >


Don’t forget the beer! Just regular pure blonde. I would have gotten a keg, but would need help. Haha. This was just right for me n my friend who was going to drive. He had a mug, while I had to finish the rest of the beer.


Not sure if I’ll get into the fried chicken and beer phase/craze, but I’m not someone who would say no to fried chicken anyway. As for the tv series, I’ll probably pass. Not a fan of Korean drama. Haha.

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