Easter Weekend, Archery Shoot

Just a regular day at the archery range. Finally, a fantastic fine weekend with no rain! Sun and everything. We are all a little bored of shooting at a regular target. Easter weekend and shooting paper bunnies just don’t cut it anymore. So, true to style, and creativity, one of the guys pulled out a deck of cards. “Poker anyone?” I’m like what? Poker? I can’t play poker. Then another guy whips up a roll of sticky tape.

1st we tape the cards randomly on the board. We do it with the ace in the middle, then the rest around, randomly.


Distance: 30m. (We aren’t close enough to cheat, yet close enough to make out the colours and some of the numbers. Well, only one of the guys can make out anything, the rest of us are pretty much blind.)

Arrows: 5 arrows each end.

Scoring: standard poker rules. Pairs, threes, flush whatever.

Most of us are randomly shooting cards haha. It was fun. And ridiculous. I won one round with a pair of threes.

A little close up.


Who won? No idea haha. I have a pair of jacks. But I think someone else managed to smack a double ace of spades.


Well! It’s Easter, and we all had a great time. One of the guys brought bags of Easter eggs. Yay Easter eggs! Chocolate! Easter is the only time of the year that we can eat chocolate without feeling guilty. As long as they are in the shape of eggs. Or rabbits.


I made cheesecake cupcakes. In little cups.


Easy to eat. Pull the pleats apart, there’s a little cookie crust and cheese cake, and it has little bits of Tim Tams caramel bites.


I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!