Golden Unicorn – Maroubra

Ah, a weekend after archery, and the sun beating down in your face. And feeling just a little under the weather from all the rain. I wanted congee, so where do I go? Yum Cha of course.

Oh goodness. The line on a weekend is simply long. And it is the same every weekend. I walk up a flight of steps and here I am. We sit down, and was given our little yum cha stamp card.



Start with a little tea. I always have the puer-chrysanthemum tea mix. Puer helps with digestion and chrysanthemum helps to take the heatiness of all the fried foods away. And it smells and tastes great. Though we have to thin it out a little with hot water. Always do. Since puer does get intense really fast.



First up is our congee. Century eggs and lean pork congee. This is the best combination in my opinion. The serving size was really generous. And this is delicious! I had no idea I could get congee so close to home. I might be coming here more often. Since yum cha is available daily here, I mean, they will have congee every afternoon right? Just awesome! Thinking about it.



Honestly, at the beginning, we weren’t that hungry, but decided that if we don’t order more food, we might be kicked out of the place. After all the yum cha smell wafting through the room, and eating enough congee, just made us a little hungry. We ordered my favourite chicken’s feet. Well, honestly I’ve had better. The flavour isn’t really there.



The last dish for today picked up the pace. It’s the glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf. I love this things. Glutinous rice is always good with me. Mmmm yum! I like it! Yummy yummy glutinous rice.


It’s a lovely day. It’s really good meal. Enjoyed myself. I’ll probably come back for a bigger variety of stuff, I’ve had the dumplings before, it’s good. So yay.