Kokoroya – Maroubra (Part 2)

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Japanese food, good quality Japanese food in the suburbs, I’m really lucky to be living in Maroubra that’s for sure. Never had to worry about food. Kokoroya is one of my favs. It has a good variety of Japanese food to keep everyone happy. Today, I’m shying a away from the usual udon.


What should I eat? If it isn’t the awesome fisherman’s hot pot udon? You might ask. But with so many things on the menu, and all prepared well (so far, I haven’t actually had anything bad, fingers crossed). Let’s check out the menu! One of those iPad menu things.


Start with the basic, miso soup and rice. It’s miso soup and rice. What more do I have to say? Miso soup and rice. $4 for the set, $2.50 each separately.


We ordered the beef slices. Wagyu beef slices. Tender and delicious. Good sauce! I like it. Have it with rice. It’s seasoned well, and the beef is lovely. Could be a little more marbling going on with the beef, but it is what it is, and it’s good. You can always order the regular beef teriyaki slices instead, if you aren’t up for wagyu. I’ve always ordered wagyu, so I’m not sure what the difference is. Personal preference.


Next up, we ordered some sushi rolls. The *new* dynamite scallop rolls. $15 for 6 pieces. It’s actually pretty good. It’s stuffed with cooked can tuna mayo, and pieces of scallops on top. With a spicy mayo sauce on top.


Do you like spiders? I hate spiders but love spider rolls. No spiders were harm in the making of these rolls. Just soft shell crabs. All the goodness of soft shell crabs in a roll, none of the scary bits. Yum! Love it. Love spider rolls. Yay to spider rolls. Soft shell crabs deep fried, just awesome, juicy and the rolls aren’t too thick. Fits well in mouth.


A sushi #selfie. Of the sushi, not me.


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