Byron Fresh Cafe – Byron Bay

A lovely weekend at Byron Bay with the family. Been around Gold Coast and drove from Surfer’s Paradise to Byron Bay earlier today. Just kicking back, blogging, some alone time. Relaxing afternoon. (1hr free wifi!)


I really wanted a beer, and no one wanted to drink with me. And Byron Bay is the home of Stone & Wood! One of my favourite beer. Pacific Ale specifically. Here I am, happy hour. I had no idea about happy hour or even the cost of a beer, just wanted one. The staff was kind enough to let me know that happy hour is starting in 1 minute.


I didn’t order any food though (changed my mind an hr later, see below), since I just had lots of coffee, and some food at Hog’s Breath. This is such a comfortable place! It has live music.


The interior is adorable. With wooden fans spinning, everyone is incredibly friendly.


I’m on the top verandah overlooking people, people watching, watching people walking by.


It is really quite spacious.


Beer is here! Okay, I had some of it already.


I can’t quite describe beer. I’ve caught on late with the whole beer drinking thing. I didn’t use to drink beer at all. I’ve only picked up drinking recently. And I haven’t really looked back yet. I enjoy a good craft beer, constantly out there trying new beers. Pacific Ale has a slight fruity summery flavour to it. It’s easy to drink, nothing overwhelming. I wouldn’t call it sweet. Yet it’s not bitter. I like hoppy beer.


Another pic to show how much I’m enjoying happy hour. Almost done with my 1st bottle. Getting ready for the next. Just me, my hat and my bottle.


Here’s my happy hour garlic bread (see, changed my mind). It’s okay. It is just a snack. And it’s time I got a 2nd bottle of beer.


I hope everyone is enjoying the ANZAC day long weekend. Lest we forget.

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