High-tea at The Stamford – Circular Quay

“The Bar” in The Stamford Sydney, located on Macquarie St Circular Quay, serves up a very tradition English high tea. With scones and ribbon sandwiches. Quite a few choices available, actually, it’s more like few different combinations of tea snacks selection. From the basic Devonshire high tea, to the Elegance high tea, there’s something for everyone’s appetite.


A positive point to note is that for this high tea, you can order it when you arrive. All you have to do is to make sure you have a table booked, and you can order whichever set you like, or just off the lunch menu, when you get there.

Co-worker’s son ordered the traditional fish and chips. Beer battered fish and chips with a side of coleslaw. At $28, it is quite a costly dish. I wonder why! It is quite costly, considering burgers are $20 and there’s other mains for $18. I didn’t get to try it, but it smelt amazing. And when he took a bite into it, you could hear the crunch of the batter. And when he broke a piece off, you could see the steam emitting from the fish, just wonderful. It’s a good size serve too. But I still think that $28 is a bit too much to ask for fish and chips. I almost wanted to ask if it was a typo, but held my tongue.


So we ordered 4 Traditional High Tea and 1 Children’s High Tea set. With the traditional, we were each given a sparkling wine to start. It was a simple nice sparkling wine. I’m not that well versed in wines, but it is reasonably decent I would say.


So our 3 tier of tea food arrived!


From the bottom, we have the savoury. As usual, mine came without any cucumbers. I really don’t get cucumbers. It looks like such a simple venerable, but it has a taste and smell that just affects everything it touches!


Here’s the individual pics of them. Bear in mind that the cucumber vegetable sandwich of mine has been swapped out for egg salad instead. From top left: 1) smoked salmon with capers, cream cheese and dill on rye toast. Next to that is a 2) roast beef ribbon sandwich. Bottom from left: 3) ham and cheese sandwich, 4) egg salad sandwich (replacing vegetables and cucumber ribbon sandwich) and a 5) chicken tandoori roulade. I really enjoyed the sandwiches! The outer face of the sandwich did feel like it dried up, but it didn’t really affect the taste of the sandwich much. They are regular sandwich things. Tandoori chicken is quite unique.


On to the sweet stuff. 2nd tier of the 3 tier tea snack stand.


Here’s the pic of them individually. From top left to right:
1) dark chocolate mousse cake – I find this just the right sweetness. Not overly sugary.
2) lemon meringue tart – too sweet. Just too sweet. It was a mouthful of sugar. I wish it had more lemon curd to it.
3) macaron – someone took mine, but commented that it’s not too sweet, and it’s a good macaron
4) scone – will get to it next
5) passion fruit cheesecake – oh I like this one. It’s soft and smooth. A little hint of cheese and passion fruit gel on top
6) strawberry mousse in a white chocolate cup – name says it all. Topped with a coupe of pomegranate seeds. This is quite the lovely dessert!


Right smack on top of the tier is the scones. A simple snack, dusted with a little powdered sugar. This is quite a lovely scone. It’s fluffy, right amount of dense-quality, and splits nicely down the middle. I wish they served it up a little later so it stays warm. Simple clotted cream, preserves were rather normal. But it worked well with the scones. And it’s square shaped too. Guess that’s pretty convenient for the kitchen. Split that in 1/2, spread jam over it, slapped on tons of clotted cream, and cut that 1/2 in 1/2, then into thirds.


Honestly, I love how it is in such a lovely order. Savouries on the bottom, scones on top, just the traditional way of staring from the bottom and heading up from there.

It was really nice of the hotel to accommodate an extra of 3 people. I called earlier today, while shooting arrows. Loaded bow in 1 hand, phone in my other, calling to add another 3 people to our initial reservation of 3. Then we were all allowed to order high tea, instead being stuck with the ala carte menu.

When we 1st arrived, we didn’t really have that great of a start, with a shaky table. I asked for someone to fix it up, and I thought they had forgotten about us, because everyone else went about their business after I mentioned about the table. I fixed it with a paper menu. Bad of me, but there’s nothing else in sight. Only 5mins after I fixed up, someone else came over to try to fix it. By then I was done.

Traditional high tea came with sparkling wine. I had no idea! I had to read the menu again and asked one of the waiters of we are still getting wine. I’ve told them that none of us were drinking when we were 1st seated. No one told us that we were getting wine. When I asked, we did got served it anyway. I wished I did at least ask if we could swap it for coffee or something.

This place has a decent tea selection. They ran out if rose vanilla, so they replaced that with vanilla rooibos tea. We were allowed one change of tea, but we didn’t. Pity we couldn’t get coffee with our set.


We ordered only 4 sets of tea, but were served 5 sets, so we tried to send it back, instead, they offered us the 5th set for free. I wouldn’t say no to free food. That was amazing. I’m sure most restaurants would have taken it back. We tried our best to finish that, but had to get take-away. Glad we have a growing boy at the table. He finished his fish and chips and helped a lot with the high tea snacks. But we had to take away quite a few scones, sweets and sandwiches. Waste not.

The room is rather old and pleasant. Very old fashioned and traditional. Which is incredibly lovely. I love it. Though chairs are a little ripped and the fluff’s showing through.



Old style bar. Ah, I really like the heavy English furnishing style. It’s so comforting.


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