Town Cafe – Bangalow (NSW regional)

We were having a nice quiet day in Byron Bay (ie: boring day) so we decided to drive around, following signs on the road, to somewhere random. We ended up at Ballina for lunch, and continued driving. My dad insisted that there’s a “Bangalow coffee in Bangalow”. So we looked for signs and drove in that direction.

So we arrived at Bangalow. A small town. Nothing much to say about it. Just a small town. It reminds me of the Oxford Street stretch in Paddington. One main street down the middle, shops on both sides. Cafés and stuff. This place has NO coverage for Vodafone users!! Or like, 1 bar and no 4G. I felt so trapped. It was like, there’s no information search, I can’t google “Bangalow coffee”. And I couldn’t find any signs anyway for “Bangalow coffee”. Honestly, I don’t think there was one. There’s Bangalow everything else though. Cookies, fresh cheese and butter. I wanted to buy them all.

So anyway, we found 2 cafés. 1 served campos coffee, so that was out. The next one was this cafe.



At the door, we were greeted with a whole slew of stickers that told us that this cafe/restaurant has been featured and recommended in the Good Food Guide for awhile. So, why not?



We sat down in this cute cafe, I wouldn’t go so far as to say “little cafe” there’s 2 floors, and outside seating as well. This is the ground floor and interior area. Cute shelves with books and personal home ware items.



Here’s the specials board.



We just walked straight up to the glass display with all the cakes and freshly baked treats.



This place serves Paul Bassett coffee. It is from North Sydney. Another Sydney coffee! I didn’t find out till after, no internet.



I would like to take a moment to digress. About this situation, that is to say, no 3G, 4G, LTE or free/paid wifi. I felt lost. Impossibly lost. And the best part of it all was that, usually, even with my phone, I would love to ask questions and communicate, talk to strangers. It is a thing of mine, talking to strangers. But for some reason, that particular day, I felt like if I didn’t even try searching for an answer on my own, I would be considered annoying and rude. Wasn’t quite sure what hit me that day, honestly. Can’t quite put a finger to it. All I did was to sit in my stool, playing with my pet rock “Pou” on my iPhone. No internet required.

Back to the cafe. We ordered our coffees. Mocha, latte, cappuccino. Mmmmm it was good coffee. Very satisfying. This is the day I had cappuccino for breakfast, bottled ice coffee while shopping, and a cappuccino again, for tea. And slept really well at night. I’m the only driver on this week long family vacation trip. Driving does take a toll I suppose. But I’m glad I’ve had great coffee everyday for the week!



We ordered a chocolate quinoa cake. I’ve never had quinoa before. Much less in a chocolate cake. It’s a really nice dense cake delicious chocolate. And you can feel the quinoa in the cake. Lovely texture. Kind of like, a rice pudding. Love the blob of cream that it comes with too.



We also ordered an apple tart. Warm and light crispy pastry, perfectly cooked apple slices. Also served with a blob of cream. Ah, I would love a slice of this again!



Time for us to pay our bill. It’s pouring outside. Wonder where to next!


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