Jumbo Seafood Restaurant – Singapore

I’m home! I’m back home in Singapore! And here I am, at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant at East Coast Park, for my 1st meal upon touch down! This is exciting for me. Chilli crab and everything nice!



Well, I didn’t get my chilli crab, since we are celebrating my sister’s birthday as well, and she isn’t a fan of spicy food. But, Jumbo has an off menu item, a bowl of chilli crab sauce, that we can order with mantou (steam/fried sweet mini buns) yum! A nice big yum! So so very good. That takes care of 1 part of my cravings. And if you like, you can also purchase one of the premix to prepare the dish at home.



Next up is the little fried baby squid things. With a sticky sweet glaze. Crunchy, delicious, juicy, everything. It’s fantastic with beer, if we had good beer of course. No beer for me tonight. Family dinner. And I think Jumbo only serves Tiger Beer, which I really am not into honestly. The little squids are great.



We also had oatmeal prawns. Fried prawns eaten whole, shells and whole, then shovel the oatmeal onto rice, and keep eating it. Or just spoon it straight into your mouth. Take your pick. Just eat up!



Time for some carbs. We have hor fun with fish and calamari pieces. Good gravy and well cooked hor fun (rice noodles). It’s pretty good. I can do with some fried rice though. Dad picked this.



More food! We had sweet and sour deep fried whole fish. This is always a sight to behold. It looks amazing. Nice crisp skin, tender fish.



We should not forget the dish of the day! A whole mud crab! This is done in a butter cream sauce. Woah, this is the 1st time I’ve had it. My sisters recommended it. It is really good! Crab is done well, cream sauce is smooth, thick and creamy. Love the crab. My sisters offered up the crab claw to me! Must be my lucky day! I haven’t had a crab claw in ages. It’s my favourite part! Usually I would give it up to my sisters and friends. It is the best part, so I’ll give it to whoever wants it, just how it is I suppose.

I’m all pulling and tugging all the little bits, getting all the sweet delicious meat out. So very good. I would have ordered every possible crab if I could! Jumbo does it really well. Salted egg coated crabs are really good too. I would rank 1st salted egg, 2nd chilli crab, 3rd butter cream crab. Not a fan of black pepper, even though it’s a Singapore speciality.



Dessert time. “Orh Nee” is how I would pronounce it, I’m probably spelling it wrong though. It’s a thick taro paste with ginko nut and condensed milk. One of my most favourite desserts. It’s warm and smooth when done right. And it’s just a sweet purple paste.



Wish this had more paste and ginko nuts and a little less milk. But it’s still good. Doesn’t look that great, but it tastes good. That’s all it matters isn’t it?