Old Airport Road Hawker Centre – Singapore (introducing: local street food)

Thank you Singapore for all the delicious food. It was such a wonderful trip with so many wonderful food stuff! And thanks to my lovely friends who were kind enough to take me to this lovely place, with awesome awesome food stuff.



We ordered a whole lot of stuff for 4 people! It was just so fun eating out, with a huge variety of local food, trying everything, and just having anything I missed out in the last 2 years. Aussie-fied Singaporean food just doesn’t cut it. I have no idea which particular stall each individual item is from, as we split up to order them separately to save time. The rule of thumb in Singapore is to follow where the longest line is. So I did. If anyone has any idea, or recognise the plates/crockery, do comment. Thanks



This is the only item I’ve picked up and paid for. Fried kuay tiao, or char kway tiao, is fried rice noodles with black (sweet) sauce, or fried white (savoury) without the sweet black sauce. I picked up the medium sized portion at $5. Met 2 American guys in the line behind me, who asked about “black” vs “white”. And what the different $$ meant. And when questioned about local places to go, “sights to see on out very last day!” I honestly had no idea. It was quite the embarrassing moment for myself. “I’m the wrong person to ask, I’m afraid”.



This hawker centre has a really good wonton noodle stall. Wontons are good, noodles are better. Mmmm I love it.



Sting ray! Sting ray BBQ with belachan and sambal. Such a wonderful combination. This dish needs to be more accessible in Australia. Right amount of spice, flavour, then a squeeze of lime.



Satay. I guess I can always make satay out of the Prima Paste pre-made boxes we can get at the grocery store, but it’s just not the same! A charcoal grill, the right amount of fats and seasoned chicken skewered through the sticks. All these are then grilled till they are caramelised and crisp. Then the accompanying peanut sauce. A side of steamed rice cake packets.



Hokkien Mee. Not my most sought after hawker food. Just cause there are so many different choices. But it’s still good! Noodles are done properly, sauce is good, well prepared food.



Fried carrot cake (cai dao kuey) black is sweet while white is savoury, as per usual. Yummy pieces of steamed raddish cake, fried with egg and sweet sauce, it’s perfect breakfast food, or snack, or side dish or main. It really is up to you. I like how this is, it’s like a char kuay tiao but with a more flavourful starch.



What’s local food without some local dessert? We had some tau huey (beancurd jelly). This is apparently one of the best in Singapore. The lines used to go for an hour. Comes in a variety of flavours, chocolate, strawberry, original, (and more). We went for the original. It’s smooth and really yummy.



Time to wash everything down with a local standard, sugar cane juice. Mmmm, cold and perfect.