Pow Sing Restaurant – Singapore (Serangoon Gardens)

Hainanese chicken rice is one of the most popular and well known dishes of Singapore. It can be served individually with well flavoured rice topped with a serve of tender and smooth poached chicken and a couple slices of cucumber, and wrapped in brown paper. Or it can be served family style, a whole chicken, and each of us gets our own plate of rice.

Pow Sing Restaurant is one of those places with really good chicken rice. One of my favourites.



[Another one that I like very much is Tian Tian at Maxwell Hawker Centre. Tian Tian
is made even more popular than before thanks to Gordon Ramsay, the queue is unbelievable, so I stopped queuing.] Also because Pow Sing is pretty close to where I live, and it is actually really good, and they have many other dishes as well, which are all really good. They had to open another of their own restaurant next to each other to cope with the crowd.

Usually at the start of the meal, we will be offered peanut and achar (pickled spicy vegetables)



Anyway, let the main dishes appear! So we start with the chicken. A whole chicken, tender, smooth, delicious. Chicken that well prepared, and not cooked into mush, it’s hard to come by. The chicken skin is smooth and not overwhelmingly oily or fatty, just the right amount of flavour and gelatinous. The chicken meat is flavourful, and that’s only the breast portion. Thigh meat is the best in terms of flavour of course. I don’t mind either, though I prefer breast meat, just cause I’m too lazy to split the bones from the meat.



Chicken rice’ rice takes the main stage. The rice is just as important as the chicken. The flavour has to be just right. The individual grains has to be cooked in such a way that they are not mush, or too hard. It has to have the right amount of flavour but not oily. This place does it great.



The condiments are important too. Chicken rice has to be served with a thick sweet dark sauce. And the chilli. Don’t forget the chilli! You can’t have it without chilli! Other condiments include ginger paste.



Pow Seng has a decent menu with lots of other dishes.

Here’s a fish maw soup served with fish balls. This is my individual bowl. The fish ball is nice and bouncy, soup has a good taste, it’s not fishy, not too salty or peppery. They have been generous with the fish maw too.



Next up is the a cuttlefish with vegetables in a belachan sauce. This dish is a little lacking. I Ike mine with a little bit of sweet spicy prawn paste. The belachan is good, but the over all flavour is just missing that hit.



The spicy calamari. Now this is good! Good spice, good flavour, good texture. Mmmmm I want more of this!



Here’s the claypot tofu. It’s good it’s food.



As for drinks, the common ones would be lime juice or barley. Both are good. Cold and refreshing!


I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed eating and writing this.