High Tea at The Landing Point – Singapore (Fullerton Bay Hotel)

Fullerton Bay Hotel, fancy fancy place. Serves an awesome high tea buffet. Yup you heard me right. High tea buffet. For $49++, you get your coffee or tea, and all you can eat high tea. It goes for 2hrs.20140521-210911-76151207.jpg


Fullerton Bay hotel is amazingly built. A long stretch over looking the water. Just amazing.



After we are all settled into our comfy chairs and sofas, we are served up some scones, plain or with raisins, with jam and a little clotted cream. Decent scones, wish it was warmer. But I loved and enjoyed the table service. Someone asking if you would like a plain or raisin scone. I had no idea it’s a high tea buffet, so I was a little upset about starting tea with scones, when that was usually supposed to be the last item served.



While scones were served, we sat around looking at the tea menu, and ordered our drinks. They were having a busy day I suppose, everything was slow, and orders had to be repeated more than twice to get our point through.

Everything here is just pretty. The coffee has a dust of chocolate powder with the “f” on top of my cappuccino. Can’t say it’s the best coffee though, drinkable, but not the best.



Here’s an overview of the tea! This is a 2 person serve.



Oh the food is good. Really good. Here’s the savoury selection. Little samosas to replace the cucumber and tomato ribbon sandwich that I said “no” to.



The egg salad seasoned with truffle on bread is my favourite of the day. Next most popular item would be the smoked salmon roulad on a crisp bread. Little wafer mushroom cups were great too. There’s some prawn salad on an open face soft pretzel bun that was good too. Other options on the plate were the mini cheese and tomato bagels and mini beef sliders with pickles.



The bottom rack consists of eclairs – simple and good custard a good basic dessert, lemon curd tart – good pastry and smooth lemon curd, fruit cake – dense and sweet, kuey lapis – a local cake with spice that’s good, and last but not least, a little French fraisier – it’s good!



Top layer: créme brûlée in a chocolate pastry – it’s good in little portions, I found it too sweet. Chocolate salted caramel tart – too sweet. Chocolate mini cupcake – simple cake.



We kept getting our smoked salmon, truffle egg salad and prawn salad pretzel boat topped up. That’s all we asked for. In 2 hours, you can actually get quite a lot of food in you. We had some left overs, because we were given top ups for all the different items, even though we’ve only requested for those, and therefore asked for the left overs to take away. No way are we going to waste such lovely food.

It was a great day, great experience.