The Lord Raglan Pub (Rocks Brewing) – Redfern

Fantastic evening at the pub last night. When I 1st told my co-workers “I’m off to Redfern” everyone was like “omg why! It’s Redfern!” Honestly it’s not that bad anymore. The area has been cleaned up, and it’s nice and quiet. This area is more Alexandria than Redfern though, except for the postcode. 20140523-084611-31571192.jpg

Lord Raglan is open for lunch all the way till midnight. Tonight, Thursday. It’s not excessively busy, as compared to The Harts Pub down at The Rocks. For some reason, I still found a need to speak up when I talk. Maybe it’s just how deaf and soft I am. I’m guessing I was probably drunk after my 1st middy.

When approaching the bar, the 1st thing I noticed was the light up light cubes that said “beer”, lots of alcohol behind it, and a beer “tree” with the names of the craft beers on tap available.


If you are not up for any of the beers on tap, there’s a huge collection of craft beer bottles in the refrigerator. Not fully stocked at the moment, but they do carry Red Duck (personal favourite, limited brews), Rouge Beer (yet to try this, but it has some fancy flavour like doughnuts and bacon), the usual 4-pines, and their very own Rocks Brewing Co beer, if you want to bring home a few bottles.



Started with a Hunter Co Big Belgo middy. At 7.7% it’s smooth, easy to enjoy and hits your head hard like a ton of bricks. Love it. Didn’t notice anything till I got off my stool for no apparent reason. Probably a tour of the place. The other taller glass is a glass of the porter, which is good.


So the tour! We started from the outside, and the huge “exercise” sign caught my eye. It’s huge, and I can see the humour it in. Who wouldn’t? It says “bacon”. I love bacon. I love the sign.


I suppose it might be where the pub is located, or the terrible misconception that there’s slots machine in every pub, this sign posted outside is definitely appropriate. “Pokies”


Also, it looks like the staff here at Lord Raglan are more into pinball machines and classic video games. Who’s up for pinball? The only pinball game I’ve ever played was on my Windows PC, ages ago, space cadet.


Perhaps a pinball competition would be exciting! Here’s a little fuzzy picture of the pinball competition instructions. You have to be a zball member. Go to to register.


At the end of each table is a different poster. Plenty of tables around, but I went to the few empty ones to snap a few pics. Which is your favourite?


Time for food! According to their website, their chef hails from New York! So we are expecting authentic American bar food. Mmmmm…

Bring on the Baltimore-styled crab cakes! Breaded/crumbed crab cakes. (I apologise to Reddit people, I was really drunk when I said “battered” crab cakes) crunchy crunchy breading, on be bed of roast corn salsa.


Cut through it, and that tasty crab meat. Mmmmmmmm…. I want more of this awesome awesome crab cake.


If you prefer something more substantial, here’s the double cheese burger, in all it’s giant glory.


What about tacos? Tacos with an extra serve of jalapeño?


Only if you are up for it. Stuffings and more stuffings.


I asked nicely, and was served up a side of mac and cheese. Crusty cheese, al dente pasta. More cheese! Cheese cheese cheese! It’s a decent side. I’m too used to “processed mac n cheese” and this is a good change. We should have more of this baked mac and cheese.


If you are up for awesome craft beer, this is definitely the place to go!


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