Dinner at home

Finally, a whole weekend to myself! So I decide to make dinner for myself, and a friend who has been plant sitting for me for the past month, my way of saying “thank you”.20140525-210921-76161582.jpg

So to start with, I made some Japanese curry. Premixed pack of course haha. If anyone actually has a “made from scratch” Japanese curry spice list and recipe, I’m all ears.


Sauté potatoes, carrots and chicken, then cover it with water and boil it up. After which, break the curry cubes into the pot, and keep simmering. I ended up simmering it for almost an hour, to thicken it. Japanese curry reheats really well, so I made a huge pot.


Once it’s ready, serve it up with some Japanese rice (short grain)!


I made a little “too much rice”, so I decided that onigiri would be a good idea. It’s “too much” just cause it looked ridiculous on a plate, and I didn’t want leftovers, and I’m sure if I prepared it differently, it would be eaten up. So here’s an onigiri premix. It has seaweed, what looks like fish flakes and umeboshi flakes. And the colours are pretty!


So I mixed it into the rice, and made little rice balls with them. I ran out of time, but usually I would have stuffed it with tuna mayo, then formed balls (triangles?).


Next up, something simple. Edamame! Boil some frozen edamame. I would boil some water in a pot, when it’s bubbling, put the frozen edamame into the pot, sprinkle some salt, then continue boiling for another 5min. I prefer my edamame al dente. I would then sprinkle sea salt, a drizzle of truffle oil and a sprinkle of chilli powder.


Finally, my personal specialty, tamagoyaki. Sweet egg omelette roll. I used 3 eggs, 1 heaped tablespoon of sugar and a dash of dark soy sauce. A rectangular pan helped.


Not exactly one of my best works, since it’s not rolled up as tight as I hoped, but it still tasted pretty good.


What’s a good dinner without beer? Cracked open a limited release Red Duck beer that I bought previously from the Oak Barrel. It has a good flavour, refreshing, not bitter, hoppy, just the way I like it!


Finished the meal off with some awesome ice cream bars. I love Connoisseur ice cream over magnum, and salted caramel? Why would I ever say no to that?


As for the rest of my curry, just packed it up for work tomorrow.