Mizuya – Sydney CBD/Haymarket

It’s been ages since I’ve been to Mizuya, so when my friend suggested hot pot, I thought of Mizuya immediately. It’s the perfect small serve type of hot pot, just for 2.20140529-090223-32543014.jpg


This is one of the 1st few places that started out with the touch pad ordering system. So far, it hasn’t been upgraded, it works, just that the processing speed isn’t that fast. I was stabbing the screen for ages, till a waitress walked past and said “ah, it’s not an iPad. Please wait, it’s loading.” Opps. Okay, I’ll stop poking it.



Started with the salmon carpaccio. I have to admit, portion size looks a lot smaller than I remember, but hey, the quality is still there. Thin slices of salmon, a row of black caviar and a lovely citrus dressing. Should have gotten the kingfish carpaccio too. It’s good, I enjoyed it.



Slight menu change. The spicy soya milk is no longer available. Just the regular sukiyaki, miso, soy and soya milk. I wanted soya milk with beef, but it’s only available with seafood. All good, we ordered the beef in miso hot pot.

It’s a pretty decent sized pot, with all you need. Some vegetables, tofu, and a whole lot of beef. I love how food is arranged so neatly in a pot. We get to eat with our eyes, then start attacking the food. Don’t forget to pull the beef slices apart to cook evenly.



This month (2 days to go) Mizuya is doing a promo with their wagyu beef hotpot. Apparently when you order a wagyu beef hot pot, you get an additional serve of beef. That wasn’t enough for us 2 girls, so we ordered more beef!! (Offer still valid, it’s June 2014 now)



Some tofu and lotus roots completed the meal. I have to say, this are some good lotus roots. It has a good texture, not the crappy powdery kind. I would head back for more lotus roots.



There are many addon options for this hot pot. You can get fish paste, different assortments of vegetables and mushrooms or meats – pork, beef, sausages. And if you are in need of carbs, there’s rice, ramen or udon.

Dipping sauces are important too. We went with the sesame sauce, ponzu and some spicy miso. All pretty good accompaniment to the meal.

This dinner was made complete with good company and lots of alcohol. We ordered a 750ml and 250ml choya umeshu to share. Good stuff. To good friends and good drinks!



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