Fuji Japanese Bakery – Killarney heights

Recently, I’ve posted a reddit post on hunting for the perfect “Japanese strawberry shortcake” aka: Ichigo Shor-to-ca-ke.

This is the original reddit post about the strawberry shortcake hunt.

So I ended in Killarney Heights. Took me 45min drive each way. Yup. Just for cake.

I checked their website ahead of time, and it looks really promising! Cakes, custard puddings and a whole lot of Japanese sweets!20140601-103859-38339798.jpg

Sure, it’s a long drive. When I got to the shop, it was just so lovely. Looking at the huge, sliced up strawberry shortcake in front of me.


There’s bread too. A decent range of Japanese bread, “pan” as they would call it. This includes koroke-pan and yakisoba-pan.


There’s sugary and sweet breads like doughnuts and “melon-pan” in the front window. And the lady-boss is really friendly and helpful.


If strawberry shortcake isn’t your thing, there’s cream puff, eclairs and pudding too. Or chocolate cake.


I got myself some butter rolls (yet to try them.) It looks and feels soft and yummy! Can’t wait to make some breakfast out of it for work tomorrow.


Melon-pan! No melons were harmed in the making of this bread. Essentially, this is a sweet bun with a cookie crust. It’s sweet and not really the easiest bun to make, as cookies and bread has different baking times. This one turned out pretty well. Bread is a little dry, but I’m sure it will heat up well, with lots of butter.


What about the cake? I bought quite a few slices. For my friend, she had a chocolate sponge and strawberry sponge cake.


Strawberry sponge cakes are mine!!! Mine mine mine!!


Had a slice with moscato and beer. Alright, I shared the moscato and cake, that’s for sure, or at least I tried. Essentially, it’s a sponge cake layered with fresh cream and strawberries. Fresh ingredients are key to this point, sponge is important too. This sponge cake is really soft, you can taste the sugar in it, and how light and delicate this cake is. Cream is great. Not too overwhelming, and I loved the strawberries in it.


Did I like it? Yeah, I enjoyed it. But I was hoping the cake is slightly less light and spongy and a little more texture to it. But overall, it’s good! And I enjoyed it.

Fuji Bakery does do deliveries as well!

Next up, to hunt for the next strawberry shortcake, and eat more cake.