The Sebel Resort – Hawkesbury Valley (Windsor)

What do we usually do in Australia during a long weekend? Where do we go? That’s a common question most of my friends would ask. Actually, there’s plenty to do, if you are willing to drive, bus, train and walk a lot.

For the long weekend (Queen’s birthday), my plan was to stay home and do a whole lot of laundry and talk to my plants. That didn’t go down well with me, so on Thursday the week before, I called up a friend and asked what she would be doing. She did a random search for resorts 1-2hrs away from Sydney, and reported back with this lovely place, The Sebel resort at Hawkesbury Valley.

We parked at the resort, it’s a crowded weekend for sure. Walked straight into the lobby, and was greeted by a lovely fireplace! And beautiful white sofas. Nothing that you will find in my apartment. From where I stand, being very clumsy and all, whites don’t last very long.


After checking in, we went straight to our room to drop our stuff off.

It’s a reasonably sized room, with 2 beds. The bed zips up to form a larger bed on request.


Comes with a simple little dresser/study desk. Pig is not included. Good sized mirror. The tv hangs on the wall. It has a few channels, the basics and a few movie channels too. I totally confused Saturday and Sunday, and kept thinking I was there on a Saturday, and couldn’t figure out what movies we were watching for awhile.


A fully stocked bathroom is definitely a plus. Hairdryer, magnifying mirror, good amount of space. It comes with a decent sized shower. Lots of lovely towels too. The amenities are pretty fancy too. It’s by Appelles – Apothecary & Lab. Australian branded skin care range. If your like their stuff, you can purchase the full sized version at the spa located on the premises. I have to say, it is pretty good. Loved the body lotion, and the bar soap.


After dropping our stuff off, we took a walk around the resort. We were greeted by a lovely pond, with ducks, trees and fountain. This location is pretty popular with weddings, and there’s a platform at the edge of the pond where ceremonies are probably held at.


After multiple selfies, we headed off to the spa. It is a location on the premises, away from the busy lobby. Fully booked for the weekend unfortunately, we could only admire the exterior and surrounding areas around the spa.


There’s a playground for children on location, had some fun with the slides. A little too much fun. I have forgotten how “fast” slides went. I didn’t manage to snap any photos of the playground, but my friend has a 2 sec video of me shrieking for what it felt like eternity, while sliding down the plastic kiddy slide

After that, I went on the treadmill in my pink jelly Melissa flats and dress, for a good 5mins before giving up.

If golf, spa, gym and plastic slides aren’t your thing, they have an indoor pool here too. Complete with a heated jacuzzi and sauna.


Or sit outside the courtyard for a little summer tan.


For dinner, we went to the Barracks Bar, had a Caesar salad each. It was alright. Nothing earth moving or momentous or remarkable.


We hurried back to the room after, as Masterchef was on. So we ordered room service. Nothing spectacular here either.

This is the cheese platter. A little disappointing, smallish, nothing spectacular. Very normal cheese platter. The red wax from the Edam cheese has fallen off, but was still sitting on the plate when it was delivered.


The deconstructed lemon meringue pie was a great idea, but turned out very sparse. It’s not bad or anything, just unsatisfying I suppose.


The next day, we headed up to the Gazebo, which is a nice cafe for a buffet breakfast that’s included in our resort stay.


There’s outdoor seating, which is perfect for a pleasant day.


And indoor, which is good for any day.


Good variety of breakfast! It was fun and enjoyable. Here’s the selection of pastries and mini muffins.


This is the automated pancake machine! It’s like the most funnest thing ever! You push a button, and out pops a pancake!


One of the chefs was kind enough to show us how the machine worked when she changed the batter bag. So the pancake batter is pipped onto a moving conveyer belt, then heat is applied through the top and bottom and cooked to perfection.


Out pops a pancake!


Slap on some cream and maple syrup. Mmmm golden pancakes, nice and warm!


Don’t forget to include a side of bacon with that.


No meal is complete without tea. These are loose tea leaves, which you can pick and have a little plunger for yourself.


Hungry for eggs? Here the chef preps your eggs to order. Poached, fried, scrambled or in an omelette. You write what you want on a little slip of paper, and the chef prepares it.


I ordered a poached egg and a fried egg. No shame in that at all. I guess I can be difficult at times.


Perfect poached egg, food porn worthy.


The overall stay was really enjoyable. We checked out at 11, left the car in the carpark and roamed around Windsor for a bit before heading home.