T2 tea “Chai, Chai, Chai” event – Parramatta T2

Received an email from T2 earlier this week, for a chai demonstration event. Perks of being a T2 Secret Society member (High tea level members get to attend too). All you tea lovers out there need to start racking up points with T2, these events are soooo worth it.

The event is free, and each time you attend, there’s so much to learn! Anyway, so I jumped right in, and signed my friend and myself up. I’m not that big a fan of Chai, but my friend totally is. What does “chai” mean? Chai simply means tea. So when you say “chai tea” you are essentially saying “tea tea”. Welcome to the 2014 Chai project at T2! 20140622-064703-24423474.jpg


We get our little own welcome note at the bar. How cool is that. 20140622-065129-24689896.jpg


It was a wonderful event! The turn out was pretty huge. It started at 2pm, I ended up arriving late (damn Parramatta Road). Opps… There’s Indian sweets served at the event. It’s quite yummy! And so pretty. T2 sure did go all out for the events. The deco, plates everything. 20140622-065948-25188109.jpg


The event went on till 4pm. We missed out on the 2pm demo, but managed to attend the 3pm demo. The demonstration was done by the lovely Cheryl and Frankie. 20140622-070730-25650967.jpg .

The demos we had were the Fireside Chai. The recipe calls for:

4 scoops of Organic Chai
3 scoops of Red (rooibos tea)
2 scoops of Russian Caravan
1 scoop of Madagascan Vanilla
Dash of honey (to taste)

20140622-071124-25884076.jpg .

The other recipe demonstration: Persian Chai, also a 4-3-2-1 style recipe:

4 scoops of Organic Chai
3 scoops of chocolate tea
2 scoops of honey vanilla
1 scoop of chilli kiss
Dash of honey (to taste) 20140622-071824-26304895.jpg


Another recipe we were given is the Brick lane chai:
4 scoops of organic chai
4 scoops of toasty nougat
2 scoops of coco loco
1 scoop of secret spices
Dash of honey (to taste) 20140622-073705-27425956.jpg .

All the different teas and ingredients can be purchased from T2 in individual boxes. There are also a few premixed chai too. Or if you prefer, you can also pick up a Chai kit.

20140622-072510-26710214.jpg .

To brew the perfect chai, you will start with putting the teas and spices into a mortar.

20140622-072811-26891131.jpg .

Pound it with a pestle. You just need to pound it enough so it releases the flavours, but not turn it into powder. A tip given at the class was that, if you do not own a mortar and pestle at home, do not fear! Just press on them with a back of a spoon on a chopping board. You just need to release the flavours. 20140622-073015-27015247.jpg .

Next you put the tea and spices into a clean pre-heated pot. Keep mixing it around for a bit, then leave it till it smokes to bring out all the flavour. 20140622-073342-27222797.jpg .

When it starts to smoke, pour water in and watch it steam. When you are doing this at home, make sure the ventilation is good, lest you set off the smoke alarm. 20140622-073556-27356520.jpg .

Soon you will be able to smell the spices develop further. You will know now, to turn the heat down, and pour in a lovely vanilla soy milk. Mmmmm…. Beautiful, silky vanilla soy milk. 20140622-074425-27865563.jpg .

It’s all done now! Smell it, it’s beautiful. Lovely warm feel to the entire thing. Makes the cold winter feel a lot more pleasant by just smelling it. Wait till you get a sip of this, amazing. 20140622-074541-27941.jpg .

Pour it into a clear glass to get a look at it all, the tea, spices, colour… Just appreciate the entire thing. Being able to appreciate the little things in life brings a lot of joy in the things we do. 20140622-075023-28223535.jpg .

Now strain it into a chai pot. This pot is stovetop safe (fire is okay, induction is not), so you can reheat your chai if you like, or heat up milk in it.   Frankie here demonstrates “tea pulling”. This aerates the tea, cooling it down a little and making it all frothy and delicious. 20140622-075533-28533828.jpg .

He sure is skilled! Not a single drop was spilt. He claims it’s all in the tea pot’s spout, but I bet it’s probably all him, and his fantastic skills. No spill, and a big fabulous smile. 20140622-075555-28555348.jpg .

All done! Check out how beautifully frothy the tea is. 20140622-075903-28743527.jpg .

Here with have Cheryl rimming our tasting cups with orange slices. It gives the chai an extra flavour. You can try this at home with your chai too. It’s almost like a little mocktail party happening here in T2. 20140622-080043-28843522.jpg .

Tea is served! So very delicious. 20140622-080117-28877717.jpg .

The stove-top pot and mortar/pestle used for the event. 20140622-080236-28956718.jpg .

I believe the event was a huge success! The turn out was great, we all appreciated the tea demonstrations, tea, snacks and (shhhh) 10% off for today. There was even henna tattoo for the guests. We got ours done. Glitter and all. 20140622-080342-29022927.jpg .

We were not the only ones! The henna artist sure is talented. She’s been in this business for 14 years, and completed each design free-hand and quickly. 20140622-080405-29045515.jpg .

We were each given a free goody bag before heading off too! How very generous! It contained one of the special limited edition chai blends. 20140622-080712-29232220.jpg .

There’s also a little print out card with chai brewing instructions. 20140622-080813-29293357.jpg .

And other chai recipes. 20140622-080833-29313894.jpg .

Thank you T2 Parramatta for hosting this wonderful event! And thank you again to Cheryl and Frankie for the demonstration. I said I wasn’t a fan of chai before, I suppose I sure am one now! 20140622-080940-29380552.jpg

You can purchase teas + tea accessories and more from your closest T2tea outlet or from the T2Tea website. They do ship overseas as well.