Stix Desserts – Surry Hills

New gelato place! Woohoo! More sweets and desserts. Can’t say no to that. I’ve been on a sugar spree recently, wouldn’t say it’s the best thing, but it certainly isn’t too bad [in moderation] but hey, they do make pretty pictures, and food is mostly about pretty pictures isn’t it?

Stix desserts it’s called, located on Crown St, Surry Hills, it serves gelato on a stick. You pick the gelato flavour you want, and get some chocolate drizzled on it, then pick a topping. It’s $4.50 a pop [with 1 drizzle and 1 topping]


Stix Desserts – handmade business cards


I love the display! It is so colourful, so beautiful, and just so pretty to look at. I believe there are new flavours occasionally, there’s this “doughnut” flavour. It does taste like a doughnut, but I can’t quite make up why it tastes like a doughnut!

Start by picking the gelato pop that you want, difficult isn’t it? After trying every possible flavour I was curious about, (just the doughnut and mint) I went with my usual salted caramel.


rows upon rows of gelato heaven!


Then the chocolate drizzle: milk, dark or white. Went with white, goes well with salted caramel.

Dip it in. Well, not you dip it in, one of the friendly staff will do it for you. Just sit back and enjoy the show.


dip it like you mean it


Pull it out, coat it with more chocolate. Mmmmm chocolate. They make it look so pretty.


coat, double coat, triple coat


Then drizzle! Drizzle chocolate all over me!! I mean it, not me, well sure, whichever. Chocolate!!!


drizzle drizzle


Pick the topping of your choice. There’s cocoa puffs, almonds, 100s and 1000s, oreos, peanuts etc… The little girl inside of me screamed “100s and 1000s! RAINBOW SPRINKLES!” so there you have it, white chocolate coated, salted caramel gelato popsicle with 100s and 1000s sprinkles.




completed artwork


Look at all the pretty colours. The brown on the salted caramel, with white chocolate drizzle, and rainbow sprinkles everywhere.




This is indeed Premium Gelato on a stick and I do like to have it my way…. It’s like a sundae, on a stick! Only better!


presentation is everything, eating without drips is more important.


A little food porn moment here… I love my little food porn moments. Just look and drool. Drool tidily, because I’m weird like that.




Fun times are better shared with fun people. I’m glad my food buddy was there with me when I was enjoying this.

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