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Looking for something to do on a lovely Saturday morning? Look no further! Sure, scones and tea are common breakfast items, but how often do we get up in the morning and say “It’s such a perfect morning! Let me make some scones whip some cream and cook up some jam.” Not very often, so here at the Tea Cosy, is where you can indulge in a very relaxing Devonshire Tea without lifting a finger, except your pinkie when drinking tea.


freshly baked scones and more!

Here is a copy of the menu. Page 1 of the menu anyway. There will be a list of scones available for the day listed at the counter. Today there’s the usual plain scone, currant, cherry & currant and cheese. I went with the plain. As for jam, there’s the list on the menu. The most popular ones are Pear & Vanilla and the Raspberry.




This is the display on the ground floor, next to the counter where you will be ordering your food from. Looks nice and inviting. You can smell freshly baked scones when you walk in. The warm delicious smells just welcome you, and takes your mind off the cold.


rows of cosy or rows of jam, take your pick.


The ground floor is quite spacious, but if they run out of room, walk up this flight of steps, admire the individuality of each of the tea cosies, to arrive at a large room with indoor and outdoor seating area. There’s also a smaller room on the side for a private party too.


pretty little teapots, sitting in a row. Cosy and all.


Here is a view of the room. It is not that large, but it is the perfect size for a lovely tea party. I believe this was set for a party later this afternoon. Each of the teacups are different. Beautiful and delicate. The teaspoons are pretty cool too!


a private room


My tea has arrived! Ordered a nice earl grey with a basket of scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam. Pink cosy and a pink teacup. How cute is this!


a little basket of dreams with a side of tea.


Yup, pretty in pink teacups with a vintage look. Lovely isn’t it?


pretty in pink teacup


The scones smells amazing. Just so beautiful. It’s warm, crusty with a soft fluffy centre.


light and fluffy scones and cream


The cream was smooth and delicious, light and silky. Jam is well prepared, sweet and full of berries.


some homemade jam and cream


The pear & vanilla jam is delicious too. You can taste the vanilla and the fruit in it.


pear and vanilla jam


Take a bite! It is just the right size.


just one bite! but is it enough?


Each of the teaspoons are unique with a special element to it. I got one with a carriage. Just so cute!


a spoon


It was a really great experience, and I will probably return. The weather took a turn, and by the time we left, it started raining a little, but it was alright, the day has been lovely so far.

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