Roy Wonka strikes again! Piccolo Me features Kramer Bomb (Junior Mint)

Starting 4th August 2014, Piccolo Me will start serving up the Kramer Bomb. Inspired by Seinfeld, the Kramer bomb is a Nutella with Junior Mint. As a huge fan of mint, I can’t quite help but think that I should ditch my old love, the #nutellabomb for my new love the #kramerbomb. Sure it might only be available for the month of August, I will definitely have to make the best with the time I have. Writing romance novels about coffee isn’t really my thing, but I sure will try my best.


Old love vs new love!

Here’s a card with instructions on how to enjoy a #kramerbomb. It is also a Kramer rewards card. Not sure if it is a stamp card for all coffee or the Kramer only. Will have to ask the staff at Piccolo Me to clarify that bit. Either way, it is quite a good quality stamp card and it is really cool to have the print on the back. I kinda want to collect them all! Should start a little card album.


instructions card…

Here is the close up on the Kramer Bomb. A good serve of Nutella with a piece of Junior Mint embedded in it. I love my mint. If I can pick any ice cream flavour in the world(besides Vanilla) it will probably be mint. Mint mint mint mint mint. Hint mint, After 8 mint, mint ice cream, chocolate chip with mint ice cream. All I lack is a mint plant in my balcony.


Nutella and Junior Mints. What more can we ask for?

As usual and always, a food porn shot. A Kramer bomb dipped in hot coffee, with a shower of chocolate flakes sprinkled all over it. It’s like “sprinkle your love all over me! do it now! I want chocolate covering me, then lick it off me” kinda thing. If that’s too much for you, better stop reading right about now, and just simply enjoy the photos instead. Honestly, it is not quite 50 Shades of Chocolate, hopefully one day I will have enough material to write about it. 50 Shades of Chocolate indeed *giggles*.


food porn shot

And a little latte art. Maybe one day I might get one with Teddy Bears and multiple hearts and leaves. But this is really pretty too. Coffee art makes drinking coffee a lot more enjoyable that’s for sure.


coffee art!

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