Brown Sugar – Bondi Beach

What to do on a weekend? Nothing much except to attempt to do the Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach costal walk. Not sure how long (time) it took us and how far we walked, but we decided that the best way to go about this is to start with a proper brunch.

So I suggested Brown Sugar. It has been ages since the last time I was there! Pretty discrete location. When you see private housing, just keep walking till you see it. As long as you are on the right street, even if it looks kinda weird, just keep walking!


Brown Sugar, and contact number. at Bondi Beach area.


No breakfast/brunch is complete without a drink. I went with my standard skim cappuccino, and my friend went for a chai with soy and honey. Love the cute metal teapot. Good tea and good coffee.  We were happy, so that’s all it matters isn’t it?


our “starters”


Our food took a little while probably because of the mussels I ordered. It is really nice to have our food both served at the same time. The cafe sure takes the effort to make sure that is met. When looking around, almost all the tables had all the guests on it served at the same time. No need to finish or wait for everyone’s food to appear at various times, the staff will take care of them. Good service!

Friend ordered the “Dill Salmon Eggs” poached eggs, ricotta, mushrooms, salmon and lemon butter on sourdough toast. The eggs were poached #foodporn style. Yolk flowed down the sides when poked.


Dill Salmon Eggs $17


These are mine! Mine mine mine mine!!! South Australian mussels w white wine, chilli, roast tomato sauce & grilled sourdough. Delicious sauce with a good hit of spice. The mussels are perfectly cooked, not over cooked, full of flavour. The “soup” or sauce is delicious, and you can enjoy it by dipping bread into it, or just drinking it up with the spoon.


Mussels with chilli and tomato sauce $18


There’s a specials board with more food choices, cocktails.


wall menu


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