Matcha “pan” cakes (Rice cooker cake)

I’ve recently found a recipe online that showed how to make a pancake in a rice cooker, so this is my attempt!

Recipe calls for:
300g of hot cake mix
200ml milk
2 eggs
1 1/2 tbs matcha powder

Easy enough!


This is my favourite brand of hotcake mix, perfect weight too at 300g for a box. As for the matcha (green tea powder) go for a pure green tea powder and not a green tea flavoured powder. T2 does really good green tea powder, and it is a good quality matcha powder. Put the hot cake mix and matcha powder together into the rice cooker bowl and mix them up together.


1 packet (300g) of hot cake mix and 1 1/2 tablespoon of good quality matcha (green tea) powder


Milk and eggs. I used a full milk and large eggs. Regular milk is the best. I find that with skim milk, it tends to end up a little too dry. Whisk them together in the jug.


200 ml milk and 2 eggs


Pour the egg/milk mixture into the hot cake/matcha powder mixture.


mix it up together


Fold it up till it’s smooth. It looks quite light coloured right now, but it will get better. Keep folding and keeping the air in. I used a rubber spatula, it is easier to get the mix smooth and off the sides.

As for which type of rice cooker to use, it is best to use one of the japanese (techy/modern) rice cookers with multi settings and with a non-stick bowl.


mix it all up!


Once you are done mixing it up till smooth, it will turn out to be a darker shade of green. 1 1/2 tbs (matcha powder) is just about right. Try to get rid of the lumps of flour, but do not over mix to the extent where there’s no bubbles left. Folding the mixture will help. Try not to stir.


fold till smooth


Previously I used a traditional rice cooker without any of these fancy settings. This turned out a lot better. A full cooking cycle is approximately 45mins. I timed it, and it is 45mins. If it stops before that, just hit start again. Best served warm.


cook for 45mins


When you pop open the lid after 45mins, the top usually looks a lot lumpy and still green. Put a skewer into it to make sure that it is cooked through.


all done!


When you pop it out, it should slide out (non stick pan) and it will be all smooth and properly brown. The best part about a rice cooker cake is that it will not burn as easily if unattended. It will be kept warm and it is just perfect.


slide it out, just perfect.


Cut it up! Use a sharp knife. I prefer quartering, then thirds. It has a slight dense yet spongy texture.


cut it up!


Take a look at the slice. It has risen properly that’s for sure. It does feel a little dry. Might be wise to make a little syrup for it, or a whipped cream to be served with it.


a lovely green slice


I would serve mine up warm with butter and honey. The butter and honey will give the cake a little extra moisture. The warm cake will melt the butter slightly and give it a nice buttery delicious simply yummy extra kick on top of the matcha taste that it already has. The 1 1/2 tbs of matcha powder may seem like a lot, but it is needed, so a word of advise is, don’t skip out on it. Use it.


serve it up with butter and honey


Here is an outdoor #foodporn shot, a slice of matcha cake with a lovely drizzle of honey.


perfect outdoor snack


Good luck attempting this cake! It is really easy, and it can be prepared really quickly without much mess and no need to sit and stare at it. With baking and cooking things over the stove/oven, there’s always a slight fear that it might burn, not for the rice cooker cake. It can be attempted without worrying too much about how things would turn out. The only thing I would recommend to watch for is when folding in the egg/milk mixture into the flour/tea mixture, is not to over mix.



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