Krimper – Melbourne

“Visit a cafe located in a quiet alleyway” why not? It’s Melbourne anyway, and the best cafes are located in the strangest places. Alleyways, corners, behind buildings, those are the places you have to search, and that’s where you find the best places.


creepy alleyway to something pretty amazing


Melbourne has lots of incredibly fantastic cafés, and the cafe culture is a lot more apparent than Sydney. I picked out this spot as one of my friends mentioned it was really popular when he was there few months ago, and the food is good. So off I go at 9.30am on a Sunday morning when I arrived, no crowd or line. Melbourne being Melbourne, the cafe culture is strong, and there’s always something newer and fancier each month. If Krimper is located in Sydney, on a Sunday morning as beautiful as this? The lines would have started at 9am.


hidden and discrete wooden door.


As you walk through the wooden doors, on your right, there is a lovely display of bicycles and an antique sign of the street Guildford St that Krimper is located on.


Awesome display


Look up and you will see some traditional old warehouse rafters still in place. And various antique items too. Loving the rustic look in this place.


interesting interior.


On each table, there is a lovely sprig of flowers in a mini milk bottle. wooden tables up against unfinished walls. Brings out the entire “alleyway” atmosphere. I really like it! A simple breakfast menu on brown paper, these people think of everything! It is just so lovely.


menu and table display


If the menu isn’t enough, there’s a specials board. Rabbit! Hmmm.. maybe some day I will try rabbit. Has anyone had rabbit before? How does it taste like? I’m curious about rabbit.


specials menu


Coffee, pretty coffee art. The coffee is okay, rather mediocre. But the art is pretty! It’s always lovely to look at pretty things 1st thing in the morning. So yes, I’m here for the art, eat with your eyes! Isn’t that what the younglings call it these days?


pretty latte art


On to the main event! Food is great! Unlike the coffee, food is both pretty to look at and delicious all at the same time. The colours are amazing, and you can tell that a lot of care has been taken to prepare the food.

Here we have the Baked Eggs – chorizo, capsicum. Pretty poached eggs, with oozing yolk that flows when poked, juicy chorizo pieces give the baked eggs an extra flavour. The colours from the capsicum and rocket with a grate of parmesan cheese topping, just pretty! And the side of toast, love toast, can’t live without my carbs.


Baked eggs $19


I ordered the french toast with balsamic strawberries, lemon curd and with a side of bacon of course. Extra extra bacon! Everything on this plate is pretty! Little meringue kisses and strawberries dotting the plate, just lovely. And the bacon, it seems rather additional, but it works really well with the lemon curd and french toast. If you love bacon as much as I do, bacon and french toast do go well, even with the lemon curd. The salt brings everything together. Bacon is a condiment, not just any plain ‘ol food.


French toast $16, extra bacon $4


Gotta love the doors, there’s nothing but a tiny discreet sign stuck on it. As my friend would describe it, “follow your GPS, when you think you are there, just push the wooden doors open”. That is pretty much it.


wooden door, entrance!

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