Yayoi Teishoku Restaurant – Sydney CBD

Been wanting to try this restaurant for awhile, so I totally jumped at the opportunity when my friend called to say that she and another girl wanted to go for dinner there on a Thursday. This is one of those iPad restaurants too. We were given menus, but we had to place the orders via the iPad.


entrance sign


Chopsticks are the standard cutlery at a Japanese restaurant of course, and to top it off, this lovely luxurious disposable napkin! I love these thicker and higher quality napkins. Or maybe it is just the colour, either way, it is quite nice.


pretty napkin


We get a rice steamed at our table. Kama daki gohan – it takes 25 mins to cook at the table, it really isn’t that long a wait since we had to wait for our food anyway. The rice steamed at the table is pretty awesome. We get 2 serves out of a pot that is served with our Teishoku meal. It is recommended that you pick out some entrees while waiting from the IPPIN menu if you are feeling peckish. We waited, and it was worth the wait that’s for sure. If you would like an extra serve, you will be able to order it off the menu.


Kama Daki Gohan $8


Just look at how beautifully it is steamed. Each grain of rice is so amazing and it is just so delicious. I can do with a 2nd bowl, but no one really wanted to share or have a 2nd serve. So we moved on.


beautifully steamed rice


This is the wagyu sukiyaki teishoku – it is a wagyu beef hotpot, slow cooked egg, boiled spinach dressed in sesame sauce, steam rice, a side of miso soup, mustard leaf pickles. It is a pretty full-on set, where the hotpot comes with udon and a whole lot of other stuff.


Wagyu sukiyaki teishoku $33


This is mine! Mine mine mine mine mine!!! Chicken kara-age teishoku all the lovely fried chicken, egg omelette, simmered taro, picked mustard leaves, steamed rice and miso soup. Don’t you love miso soup? I love my miso soup. And the rice, such wonderful rice, each of the grains so delicious and tasty.


chicken kara-age teishoku $23


Fried chicken kara-age, beautifully battered chicken thighs with lovely thin batter that is crisp light and the chicken? Beautifully seasoned and fried well. Just juicy and delicious.


yummy fried chicken kara-age


Wagyu yakiniku jyu, a wagyu beef bento box with beautifully cooked rice, sliced beef, served with miso soup and pickled mustard leaf. I tried a slice of the beef, and I have to say, that is the most beautiful slice of beef, tender, juicy, well marinated, just beautiful. Take a slice! Enjoy it! It is fantastically delicious I have to say, and I would love to have a whole plate of that beef, just to eat it.


Wagyu beef yakiniku jyu $24.50


This is the close up of the beef box. Look at it, the slices of beef. just so delicious and juicy. And all the vegetables in it, brings the whole dish together.


beef box!


What’s a meal without dessert? We all ordered the matcha and warabi mochi set. The matcha here is done really well, it has been whisked to a good consistency where the bubbles resemble bubbles just like Champagne bubbles. I love mochi, mochi in brown sugar, fried mochi with brown sugar, mochi grilled and brushed with brown sugar syrup and soy sauce (mitarashi), or mochi in stir fry. Here we have a lovely plate of mochi coated with green tea powder and served with a side of brown sugar syrup.


Matcha and warabi mochi $8


Take a look at a close up of the properly whisked matcha. I would admire the bowl before taking a sip. then put it down, admire it some more before the next sip. I would love to attend a formal tea ceremony some day, where I am a able to learn about admiring tea ceremony bowls and drinking matcha.


matcha and green tea mochi pieces


if you are interested in pottery, there’s plenty of pottery lying around too…


hand made pottery


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