Brewtown – Newtown

A popular place for Cronut (Brewnuts as they call it here) that has been all over instagram. So on this bright and sunny Saturday, we waited in line for a table. We were lucky it didn’t take too long for us to get a table for 4, albeit the table being rather tiny, we made do.

As you walk in, you will be greeted by the sight of trays and trays of wonderful cronuts! Made it difficult to decide if I wanted the usual breakfast fare or just one of these pretty and sweet creations, dripping with sugary toppings.


cronuts brewnuts galore!


We sat down and ordered our drinks. This lovely latte art is really quite pretty. It’s always really pleasant to look at pretty works of art whenever possible. Pretty good coffee too to be honest! Had my usual double shot cappuccino.



pretty latte art


The boys each had a mini egg benedict in brioche roll with a side of bacon or black sausages. It does look pretty good I have to say.


Mini egg Benedict brioche roll with black sausage


I had the corn beef hash with garden peas, poached eggs and parmesan crumbs. The potatoes were great, beef hash was great too. I am not too fond of cabbage unfortunately, which was in this dish. Took a bit of effort for me to pick everything out, and even though the dish itself in it’s various parts is fantastic, I can’t help but to pick on bits of my food to remove them. I would order this dish again, but I’ll be sure to mention no cabbages in my food.


Corned beef hash, garden peas, poached eggs with parmesan crumbs


Close up of the pretty poached eggs, soft and runny yolk, bits of parmesan crumbs.


close up!


I decided on the coffee cronut, delicious coffee cream filling, just delicious. The coffee beans keeps getting stuck between my teeth which was a little annoying, but the whole cronut was amazing. Best eaten with cutlery that’s for sure.


coffee brewnut!


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