Sake Restaurant and Bar – The Rocks

A revisit post! Finally had the opportunity to enjoy all 3 courses at Sake Restaurant and Bar. We were given a lovely sunken table at a corner, just the perfect little corner to observe the other customers, as well as looking out of the window into the courtyard of The Argyle.

The requirement for this meal, besides my over-the-top “no avocado, no cucumber” requirements, was gluten free option for food. I believe that the staff at Sake did a great job on this one, with creating gluten free options, having them made, or at least notifying us which ones are not gluten free.


front page of the menu


Started off with some cocktails. A lovely green tea martini, and Miss Wednesday (Japanese Shochu, rose and lychee liqueur, vanilla and lime). The drinks were sweet, palatable and so pretty!


green tea martini, Miss Wednesday cocktails


Time for some starters! Steam wagyu dumplings, not gluten free. Delicious! Good skin, and really delicious filling. The dipping sauce was done pretty well too.


wagyu beef dumplings (steamed)


Wagyu beef tataki. I love my tataki. Sliced tender beautifully marbled beef that is gently seared on the outside, with a ginger soy dressing. I would wrap the beef around some snow pea sprouts, just perfect. As a cold dish, I would say this is one of the things that would make a warm day better.


wagyu beef tataki


The tuna ceviche. Fresh raw tuna salad with a delicious dressing, crunchy fried onion toppings. Everything in this dish was so fresh, and each part of it mixed well with each other.


Tuna Ceviche


2 servings of Sashimi tacos. These are my must haves. a pair of tuna and salmon sashimi baby tacos, each pair served with a sake shots. The waiter has been kind enough to split the 2 shots into 4 (which is why the glass looks a little 1/2 full from my perspective) and there’s 1 tuna taco who’s shell was replaced by an endive, that is not in this pic because it is long gone before I had a chance to snap up more photos.


sashimi tacos


On to the mains!

The s express sushi roll. Not as many “s” as I would expect, but here we have it! Seared scallops topped with seared scallops, spicy mayo and sweet sauce with leafs of endives sitting between each roll. Cucumbers did not make it onto the plate.


s express


Cute little tuna maki rolls. Rice was cooked just perfect, and seasoned well. Tuna was fresh, and everything was great!


tuna avocado maki


Miso-cream scallops. Sweet and tender seared scallops with a delicious miso cream sauce base. The vegetables were done up really well too. I could just sit around drinking the cream with a spoon.


miso-cream scallop


Salt & pepper bug-tails. Crunchy fried and just great! I believe a gluten free flour was used in this batter, as it apparently is gluten free. The batter is crunchy, the bug-tails are juicy, what more can you ask for? Oh, good dipping mayo of course, it was good. Just great!


salt & pepper bug-tails


On to dessert! This dessert menu seems to be hidden from all the other menu, and we had to request for it. Or at least in my case, I requested for it before the start of the meal. I really have to have it! It is dessert, and if you continue on the page, try not to drool on your keyboard from all the pretty dishes.


sake dessert menu. Be sure to ask your waiter for it!


Here’s what we’ve ordered.


4 desserts! which one would you pick?


The dessert bento box. A little bit of everything, it is not a sampler plate of the available desserts, but it is on it’s own, an entirely individual dessert selection. From the top, there’s vanilla & mango jelly with white chocolate shell, with cute little eyes staring back at you while you crack it’s little head open with a spoon. Kalamansi sorbet and ice cream sits below that. To the side we have miso caramel & pistachio bites wrapped in edible plastic gelatine paper. Below that there’s green tea cookies sitting on a bed of pistachio fairy floss with strawberry ganache dipping sauce. Cute isn’t it?


dessert bento box


(requested: gluten free option) Miso caramel chocolate fondant. warm chocolate pudding with a miso caramel chocolate cream centre that flows out when cut open aka food-porn style. it is served with a white chocolate ice cream on the side. We have requested for a gluten free dessert, and this option was available on this particular dessert which is great! Who can say no to chocolate, especially chocolate that is just that warm, flowy and smooth.


miso caramel chocolate fondant


Green tea kit kat. My sister’s favourite dessert. A layered dessert with a milk chocolate crunch, white chocolate mousse and green tea ganache sandwiched all together. A cherry jelly sits on top of it, and it is topped off with earl grey ice cream and a dark chocolate wafer. Sinfully crunchy, just like a giant slab of kit kat and green tea.


green tea kit kat


Caramel koi pond. My dessert of the day. Look how pretty it is! A white chocolate koi filled with yuzu curd and a milk chocolate koi filled with miso caramel on top of a shortbread, both fish sitting on a bed of blue jello pond. The jello pond cuts the sweetness of the caramel and makes everything just lovely. The chocolate and green tea truffle in the middle is just delicious, it is like having a dish full of chocolate just for dessert. The chocolate is smooth and creamy, and the filling is nice and tart for the yuzu and sweet for the miso caramel. I think the jello’s the best bit in terms of cutting the sugar back a little and making everything blend well together.


caramel koi pond


The service was great, our waiter was really knowledgeable and helpful. Bonus points for assisting us with all our food restrictions and queries. A point to note is that it seems like all the waiters and waitresses could be models as well too! I do hope you enjoy this post as much as I did enjoy eating it!

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