Uccello – Sydney

Had the great and grand opportunity to dine out at fancy restaurants 2 days in a row, and the feeling is great! Uccello is located above Ivy, on level 4 of the building. It boasts a good sized sitting area indoor and outdoor, as well as a pool and bar if you want to have a soak while drinking. I believe the pool is for cocktails and mingling, and not for dining I suppose.

Please note that their menu changes really often, and as of this post, I am sure the menu has already changed a little.


welcome to uccello!


As it boasts its own bar, the best part of this place (actually with most fancy places anyway) will allow you to order whatever cocktails you want, off the menu. So I decided that on this hot hot day, the best drink to go for would be a mojito. Fresh mint, lime juice, it was yummy and you could still taste the alcohol, so that’s always a bonus. Sugary and sweet cocktails that you have no idea what the alcohol content it contains is always a little dangerous, wouldn’t want to embarrass myself more than usual haha.


good tasting mojito


One of the special starters for the day. Fresh natural oysters. Ordered 1/2 a dozen to start. It was so fresh and the brine is salty. Just great! Love my natural oysters. I would skip the lemon next time though. Now I should just stop writing and head to the closest fish market to pick some up.


fresh natural oysters


This lovely mixed Antipasti platter has a good variety of starters for you to try, including the whipped salt cod which is actually quite good. The crisp bread was really enjoyable too.


mixed antipasti


If you are more of a pasta as a starter person, Uccello has handmade pasta served at the restaurant. Here is a serve of Tagliatelle bolognese.  A good serving of cheese tops it all off. It has a good sauce on top, that’s for sure.


Tagliatelle bolognese


The wood-fire scampi was great as well. Scampi are split down the middle before serving, and the flesh is nice and sweet.  Don’t you just love scampi? They are like prawns but bigger, sweet like lobsters but littler.


Wood fired scampi, fennel pollen, chilli, lemon 34


On to the mains!

Here we have a the pork cutlet served with crackling! I love crackling.


Wood fired Kurobuta pork cutlet, peppers, bay leaves


A beautiful lamb shoulder that has been cooked till the meat falls from the bone. It is tender and juicy, and quite lovely.


Mirrool creek Lamb shoulder, caponata, pine nuts, mint


A secondi piatti option of mussels, clams, fregola and bottarga. It is pretty well prepared, and the colours look pretty on a plate. The shellfish was cooked really well, and the flavours come through quite nicely.


mussels, clams, fregola and bottarga


This is the cavatelli with cuttlefish, garlic and chilli. I do like this dish over all, I did find the cavatelli a little too salty, though the texture of everything is great. The cuttlefish was done well, and if it wasn’t that salty, it would have been a fantastic dish.


cavatelli, cuttlefish, chilli, parsley, garlic


On to the sides! The sides are great. The crisp and well seasoned roasted rosemary potatoes, sweet and tasty woodfire carrots and a serve of properly cooked green beans.


a whole lot of sides!


We didn’t make it to the dessert section of the meal, perhaps next time!


dessert menu


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