Koh Ya Yakiniku – Neutral Bay

Part of Yakiniku.com.au, the group consists of Rengaya, Suminoya and Koh-Ya. What is yakiniku? It’s Japanese BBQ. Koh-ya is located in Neutral Bay and we were there for dinner this one time, best to make reservations. It was awesome.


Koh-Ya Yakiniku (Neutral Bay)


I mean seriously, who can say no to unlimited amounts of BBQ meat?


all you can eat for $40!


During out 1st visit, we started with just 3 serves of the ox tongue. Just 3. We were being good.


2 serves of ox tongue


Even though prawns and I have a very love-hate relationship going on, here is a foodporn pic of 4 prawns spooning each other.


2 serves of prawns


We did order quite a lot of meat and some greens for 3 people, but really, it is just meat and greens. We can go through quite a lot of that can’t we? Carb free dinner.


meat an all that!


Seafood! Mussels and squid and octopus! We ripped the mussels out of it’s shell to grill it. I’m not sure if you are able to grill it with it’s shell and all, but we just ripped it out anyway.


Seafood! Mussels, calamari and octopus


Individual serves of garlic butter prawns, butter mushrooms and butter corn! I love my corn and mushrooms.


all the yummies with butter. Prawns with garlic and butter, mushrooms with butter and corn with butter!


Food porn shot on top of a grill, mostly seafood. Look at those octopus squirm.


grill top food porn shot


Ox tongue! More ox tongue! Ox tongue on a grill top!


grilling ox tongue


Sliced beef, chicken and some onions. Red meat is good for you.


actual food porn shot. mmmm meat!


Now if you are after something a little more “rare” here’s  some blue tartar, or yukke, with raw egg.


if you prefer raw beef, here’s yukke


And cold soba noodles. What is a meal without carbs? And noodles are better than rice. There are other options such as curry rice and plain steamed rice.


can’t forgo the carbs that’s for sure – soba noodles


Revisited during lunch hour. I believe that most of the menu items are the same, except there daily special isn’t available at that time. No matter, We started by ordering 10 servings of ox tongue. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Just 10 serves, straight up, between the 5 of us, we finished all of them.


10 servings of ox tongue


And lots of meat. There’s 5 of us hungry people! And we just completed 3 hours of archery. We deserve some meat!


massive plate of meat


Another revisit post:

Outdoor dining isn’t too bad either. We brought a cute little kitten along (in a cage) for dinner, and the staff was kind enough to sit us outside for dinner and not kick us out.


the usual, tons of meat and a stray edamame


We ordered 1 serve of the tuna sashimi. It looks really sad and lonely. Didn’t last very long on the plate.


1 serve tuna sashimi.



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