4 Pines Brewery – Manly

An extremely long overdue post for 4pines brewing. I love this place, it has really good micro-brews, and it is one of the 1st places I’ve considered trying beer from, and enjoying it. Located in Manly, this place is quite easy to miss, so look upwards when you think you are close to the area, and you will probably find it.


sign board for 4pines Brewing


The usual on tap are the 4pines brews. Kolsh is my favourite, followed by the Pale Ale. If you are lost on what to order, you can always just pick up a paddle with everything. I call it the little beer rainbow bridge.



4pines micro brew on tap


Here’s the drinks menu, and a description on the type of beer and their tasting description. I still like Kolsh the best, and would often buy them by the 6-pack.


Drinks Menu


Here we each got a beer and someone here got a ginger beer. It is always so mesmerising to watch the water vapour droplets roll down the side of the glass, a reminder on how delicious this cold glass of beer is.



Beer and more beer!


My favourite dish at 4pines. The chilli mussels. I do love my mussels as you can see, and these ones are just amazing, Served with sour dough bread for the soup, just dip the bread in and enjoy! More often than not, I would be drinking the soup with a spoon, no need for bread or anyting of that sort. Mussels! more Mussels!



chilli mussels


This 4pines style poutine, is a bowl of chips with melted cheese on top, served with a side of gravy. Quite unlike the original Canadian poutine (this lacks bacon, it bothers me) Overall taste, well, it tastes like hot chips with cheese on top. The gravy is alright, I’m still bothered about the lack of bacon on this pseudo-poutine dish.



4pines style poutine


Oh god, It has been so long that I can’t quite remember what this is. I suppose it looks like pork chops? The vegetables were good as far as I remember, it looks pretty good in the photos too either way. Could be the Sunday Roast.



roast meat and vegeatables


Fish and Chips. This looks like fish and chips, and it sure is fish and chips. Crispy batter and lovely chips. Everything was quite nicely done. It is of a good serving size too. Everything at this brewery is really generous, and portions are huge!



fish and chips


Some instructions on location! It is a very nice place indeed.



signs with instructions!


I would return to 4pines anytime for its food and beer. Luckily enough, I am able to grab Kolsh from most Liquorland or Dan Murphys if I’m lucky. If not, there’s always The Oak Barrel on Elizabeth St. Those mussels were just so good, and the beer, we can’t forget the beer. After a huge meal, take a walk around Manly beach, and enjoy the view too.

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