Gyuzo – Haymarket

More yakiniku! I have to say, this is pretty much like, one of my favourite summer cuisine. Nothing says “Summer” quite like a BBQ, though truth be told, I rather it be indoors than outdoors. For indoor BBQ, I suppose good ventilation is quite important, so it will be best to visit a restaurant of some kind.

I have been eyeing Gyuzo Yakiniku for the longest time now! All those pics of wagyu beef slices and such, they look just incredible and amazing! Makes me want to chew on my phone, I really need to stop doing that, chewing on my phone thing. Doesn’t taste as good.


Gyuzo. Is there a U at the end? I’m not sure, mmmm cow….

So this is one of those touch screeny places. At least this is an actual iPad and not one of those slower touch screen type thingys. I was once told off at a restaurant “Sorry mam, this is not an iPad, please calm down and slow down a little”. Got to take my aggression elsewhere I suppose, iPads, that’s what we need! Faster responds time! TAP TAP TAP!!!

I like this place, it also provides you with a physical menu, which allows for 1 person to tap away at the iPad, while the other looks on at the manual menu.


an actual iPad touchscreen to order your food from!

Sat around waiting for my friend to turn up, and decided to order a drink. Long day, drinks needed. Plum wine is a “thing” for me these days. Umeshu or whiskey. Here’s a strawberry plum (wine) soda, with fresh slices of 1 strawberry, sparkling soda, yummy cocktail. Had to slow down, honestly it isn’t too bad, it is not thaaaatt alcoholic, and it is just $6.90 each! (I am not an alcoholic!)


Strawberry plum soda (plum wine base)

Friend’s drink, the Okinawa, a sake based cocktail. All cocktails are $6.90 each and on the menu it is quite clearly marked with coloured stars and such, letting you know what alcoholic base this is made of. On the iPad, the ingredients will be more clearly listed.


Okinawa, sake base cocktail

Because I’m such an awesome person, with an inbuilt predictive food choice knowledge of what each and every friend that I have like to start their meal with, I got us a little starter of gyoza (Japanese style pan-fried dumplings). I’m not a big fan of gyoza unfortunately, they do however look really pretty on this plate.


Pretty pretty gyoza $3.50

Sauce. Dipping sauce, some kind of sauce. Some are spicy, some are not. If you can’t tell the difference, just taste it and I’m sure you will figure it out. I quite like the one on the far right.


dipping sauce. (complimentary)

Okay, the one I’ve been eyeing before I even arranged a visit with my friends. The Wagyu beef short ribs. Ordered it with the miso. Look at how attractive the marbling is on the meat. It’s quite like art.


Wagyu beef short ribs (salt or miso) $19.20

Take care not to over cook it. It is best when it is still somewhat medium rare. It cooks really quickly, so best to pay attention! Now that foil bowl on the side, we will discuss further later in this post.


mmmm short ribs cooking on the grill, with a side of corn

Now, the foil bowl on the grill that I’ve been ignoring. This is the cheese fondue. It is recommended on the menu to eat with vegetables. I like my seafood with cheese, and each plate of meat is accompanied by vegetables, so why not? It is quite alright, if you like cheese, this is quite decent, it is not overly cheesy or salty, probably not a “must have” dish, also because I’m a bigger fan of meat. Huge chunky chunks of sliced wagyu beef.


Cheese fondue $4.50

Got some mussels to go with the cheese fondue, it is actually pretty good. So, question. How do you cook your mussels? I rip it out of its shell before popping it onto the grill. Does anyone know how am I actually supposed to do it? I’m really curious.


mussels in shells $4.80

More steak! Cow! Beef! WAGYU BEEF! This is the oyster blade portion of the wagyu beef. Seasoned with salt. It is good too, I can do with more of this. Between this and the short ribs, as long as they are not over cooked, it would say they are both pretty good. I do however, prefer the miso paste. You can’t deny that the short ribs have a much prettier marbling texture to it though. I would go for this for the mushrooms.


oyster blade wagyu beef $12.50

Playing with my food, because I can! Smile!


meat and mushrooms on a grill

Ordered some chicken with spicy miso sauce on top. Chicken is nice and fresh. I do notice on how lacking my cooking skills are when handling chicken. There’s no “cooked” or “in the processing of cooking” pics for chicken, because most of them just looks rather charred, and it is my fault. Scrape of the burnt marks, and it is really quite tender and yum.


Chicken with spicy miso paste $6.30

On to the dessert portion of the meal. A reasonable amount of selection, one shouldn’t be overly picky with dessert. As long as there’s some on the menu that’s always a good thing. Just pick something!

So we did! Black sesame is always a good choice. Between all the green tea selection, I would always prefer black sesame, and so does my friend. He went straight for the black sesame ice cream. A double scoop of black sesame ice cream fun time. This is really delicious, smooth and good flavour to it too. Nothing bland or anything like that, just black sesame goodness.


double scoop black sesame ice cream $4.50

Same goes for the pudding. I ordered the black sesame pudding. Comes with strawberries and some cream. You can taste the black sesame, and the pudding is nice and smooth. Would love to have more!


Black sesame pudding $3.90

Overall experience was great, service staff are friendly, food is good.

The location however, requires a bit of a hunt as the front entrance is located in an alleyway. Technically it is in the corner of Liverpool St/Day St. You should walk down Sussex St, and when you see Sushi Rio, just walk down that alleyway.

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