Burger Project – Sydney (World Square)

It is my turn to visit the Burger Project located at World Square. I am very comfortable eating alone, but when it comes to taking photos of food, I understand that me, as a singular person, it is quite limiting. So usually, I would bat my lashes at my co-workers and hope that someone would agree to visit new places with me.

I mean come on, it is a burger! Burgers (and ramen) are in this season. We have to follow fashion don’t we? Food, like fashion, is fleeting, and we have to keep trying to keep up. Last season it was KFC (Korean Fried Chicken), and I did not manage to get a hold of enough fried chicken, this time round, burgers and ramen, I am going to keep up!

Burgers and shakes! And maybe a side of fries! Strawberry milkshake, chicken burger, bacon and cheese burger, and a side of fries!


A tray for 2? or maybe just 1?


Here’s a close of up the chicken burger. Okay, the chicken burger is so-so. My friend claims it is a little dry. The lettuce is really fresh though, and the bun is soft and lovely. We love this type of buns to sandwich our burgers.


hide me in my lettuce!


Now, cow burgers, this is something on a different playing field. The beef is juicy, and look! Cow comes with a friend, pig! Cows and pigs will be best friends forever. Beef and bacon, bacon and everything. It’s just bacon. Bacon bacon bacon bacon, and cheese. Fine, the lettuce was great too.


cows and pigs will be best friends till the end


Heres a cross section of my bacon and beef burger with the side of strawberry milkshake. They sure stack up pretty well. The meat patties were done really well, and you can just check out those sexy mince bits between the soft fluffy bun, and lettuce, we aren’t forgetting our vegetables here. Got to make sure that we are eating our greens.


there’s some strawberry milkshake left, I’m sure


Fries are alright, nothing to write home about. I like it that the potato skins are left on the fries, that sure is quite lovely.


Someone started on the fries before my camera did


This is sort of a re-visit thing, I really wanted vanilla milkshake and those fried chicken that looked so tasty the 1st time I peeked and continued staring at the tables next to mine. The vanilla milkshake is tasty, with bits of vanilla beans visible in it. I ordered the fried chicken with the sauce on the side. The sauce, wow the kick, it sure is a huge spicy hit of tabasco which I needed some getting used to. Chicken was amazing, well seasoned, good batter and well fried. I wouldn’t mind more chicken anytime.


check out my wings!


Hope to revisit soon!

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