N2 Smartpen by NeoLab (Kickstarter Project)

I am a huge huge fan of Kickstarter. Been backing quite a few projects recently, a little bit of an addiction at this stage, I’m not sure if it is the best, spending all that money, hoping for the best. But it is always nice to receive stuff before the rest of the consumer market does! Consumerism at its best!

The reason why I ended up with this many notebooks is because the N2 smartpen currently only works with the N2 notebook which are all lined unfortunately. But developers are working on releasing PDF version of the N2 paper so that we will be able to print it off and make our own notebooks in the future. Honestly though, the notebooks aren’t that costly. I paid $9 for 5 of them off the Kickstarter website. It was said that the notebooks will not cost too much more than regular notebooks when it is available for sale online.

It is here! 6 spring notebooks, a memo pad and the N2 Smartpen by NeoLab

It is here! 6 spring notebooks, a memo pad and the N2 Smartpen by NeoLab


It looks good and writes really well. It uses a standard ballpoint tip which is quite common and most of us are used to ballpoint tipped pens as well. The overall look is sleek and I like the feel of metal in my hand.


pretty shiny pen


This is what came with the box on its own. If you are buying the N2 smartpen off the interwebbie-thingamajig, this is what you will get straight out of the box. A pen, a little notebook, the cable (seems like a pretty standard charging cable to me) a standard pen refill and a manual.



stuff in the box


I purchased the pack that came with a folder that allows you to keep all your stuff in 1 place. I like how neat and tidy everything can possibly be.



smart folder


Here is a test page. The app is smart enough to even pick up which page you are up to. I’ve tested it with various books and skipping pages, and the app picks it all up! You can write in any book, and it will be able to note which book and page you are on. You will be able to write while the app is off. The pen will record the series of writing, and you will be able to sync with the app when you turn it on at a later stage.





As for colours, you will have to be in the app while you are writing. It comes with 3 pen thickness that can be changed by tapping on the middle circle with the droplet. Select the colour before starting to write, and you will be able to save it in colour, how awesome is that?



changing colour and ink width in app


Here you go, in colour.



a variety of colour in the app.


Here is it being transcribed. I guess I have horrible handwriting. Need to work on that. N2 smartpen transcribes into English, Japanese and Korean.



go to work on my handwriting


The developers are constantly working hard to improving this pen and it’s app. So far I am quite pleased with the pen, and I have been using it a lot at home and at work. I honestly haven’t actually encountered any serious problems with the pen so far, except that there are occasions that I’ve forgotten to turn the pen on before writing.

Looking forward to the Neo PDF to be up and ready to be used!