JStyle Issue 13 2015

I did it! 2015 is looking great. Recently, I have been given the opportunity to do a write up for JStyle Magazine, a Japanese journalism company based in Australia (NichiGo Press) and I have had my 2 articles published in Vol 13 2015 jStyle Magazine! (Please click here for a link to the full magazine) jStyle Magazine is an annual publication that focuses on Japanese culture providing inspiration on future trips and an insight to the world so close yet so different, where the culture is rich and beyond imagination. (jStyle – Nichigo Press Facebook)

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Cooking Anime Review – I love my anime and manga, often spending entire weekends dedicated to watching a full series from episode 1 till the end, even covering seasons, then getting my hands on the manga copies and reading those ones as well. When the topic for my article was released “write about anime!” I had to figure out a way to tie in food with anime, and decided to research on various cooking animes and mangas available. Japanese Animation (anime) is incredible. The range of themes, style and genre varies greatly. Often you would watch an anime and think “why would anyone think of something like that?” That’s anime. If you are looking for a place to start, and one of the most popular anime streaming website at the moment is probably Crunchyroll and another available website would be Animelab.


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Cooking Anime Review: Pages 58 – 59



Another weekend activity of mine would be baking. Usually I’d do a google search and hunt for some recipe online or on facebook to attempt. Those weekends I’ve decided I would give some recipes from anime/manga a try. This is not my first try, I have previously attempted the rice cooker bread from the anime Yakitate Japan!! and it turned out pretty decent, so I decided on attempting a chiffon cake.

After dessert, we should at least try to have some kind of a main course. in Oishinbo, there’s a recipe for grilled asparagus. There’s a basic sauce recipe that can be used on a variety of vegetables, so you really do not have to limit yourself to just the asparagus.

Recipes Straight from Mangas: Pages 60 - 61

Recipes Straight from Mangas: Pages 60 – 61