Gyuzo Yakiniku – Haymarket (Part 2)

Now who doesn’t like a good BBQ? In every culture, there are different ways where meats are grilled over open fire, Japanese is no different. Here I am, back here, at Gyuzo Yakiniku. I love this place, they do a really good wagyu beef meats that is just perfect.

This is tucked away in Chinatown, not inconvenient either. Walk down slope past Sushi Rio and you will find it. Being here a 2nd time round actually helps me focus on more of what’s around me. I had no idea there’s a 2nd floor in this place! Just thought the floor above the dining area was like, the kitchen or something, but there’s like a whole area upstairs with a bar too.



Loving the iPad ordering. Everything is smoother, streamlined, more efficient. There is no screen lag when moving between categories. The grill is positioned where you do not have to over stretch your arms to cook, and yet there’s still enough room on the table for multiple dishes. I do like the marble table tops and the seats are quite comfy. Got the same table this time as I did the last time, no complaints at all. It is a good table, lots of natural light.


Our table, grill and an iPad ordering menu

There’s a certain charm to open glass refrigerators where you can see fresh cuts of meat on display. I really do enjoy looking through open glass fridge where you can see everything. Funnily enough, I didn’t actually notice this the 1st time I was here. See, always good to visit good places more than once. For the food and the scenery.


Gotta love looking at fresh cuts of meat as you walk into the restaurant!

So there’s 2 floors in this restaurant. Upstairs is where the bar is! I see a tidy row of alcohol sitting against the wall. Most of the cocktails here are listed based on the type of base liquor it contains and I have to say, it is a very efficient method of preparing cocktails. The drinks are pretty, you know what to expect, and it helps a restaurant keep things neat which is always a bonus.


Bar upstairs

If you have a large group, this location sure is able to accommodate. Looks like it should sit 16 people quite comfortably! and each set of 4 people will get their own iPad to order food from too. No need to fight, argue, yell across the table, except to talk to one another, this is a really good layout.


tables on the 1st floor

If you prefer an upstairs booth with a view, it is available as well. I’m not sure about the comfort level of this area, but everything just looks so plush! If you think about it, the 16 in the middle and the 3 booths on the side, I’m sure management will be able to organise for a lovely party up here quite easily. Never hurts to ask.


or a booth with a view

The lanterns decorating this floor is just so lovely to look at!


beautiful Japanese style lighting

Dipping sauces for the meats. I still can’t quite figure out which sauce is for which meat, I just go with the flow and dip as I like. They are all good dipping sauces.

I particularly like the design of the tongs, it is fatter on one end so that the tips do not touch the table, I am impressed by the attention to detail, bonus points from me!


grill and dipping sauces

On to the dishes!

The last time I was here, I ordered a bunch of different meats. This time, I’m a little more experienced in my ordering, and went in straight for the wagyu beef. Mmmmm beef… mmmmm wagyu. Gyuzou does an amazing job with their beef, with a choice between miso marinade or plain salt, they are both equally good, wonderfully delicious. Sure, we would (or should) always go for the “original taste” without any seasoning, but where is the fun in that? I love my miso, miso soup, miso paste miso ramen etc… Miso is good. Good seasoning.


our wagyu beef cuts

Now this is my favourite cut of beef at Gyuzou so far, the short ribs with a miso marinade. The flavour just works so well together! I had it the last time, and I had it again this time, and I will probably have it again next time I am there again.


wagyu short ribs with miso


wagyu oyster blade with salt

Ox tongue – I’ve been told this is an acquired taste, and anyone who has acquired a taste for ox tongue can’t say no to it. The texture is a bouncy meat without being overly gamey. Sliced thin, this tasty meat is delicious and great to chew on. Love this pic where the beautiful crystals of salt flakes sit atop the tongue, seasoning it slightly without over powering the meat.


ox tongue with salt

Do you like corn? I love corn! It is not corny at all! The thought of corn off the cob, with butter, served with a little spoon is just perfect. I like it that way. It is fun to eat without making too much of a mess and who can say no to butter, loads and loads of butter. Mmmmm corn, mmmm butter. Even better, corn AND butter!


butter corn

Put the corn on the grill to heat it up. Yes, you have to heat it up, heat it till the butter bubbles and everything is nice and buttery and tasty before eating. The corn on the cob on the side is being grilled up as well, but it will take a little longer. The corn served here is sweet, so either with butter or just straight off the grill, they are both pretty good. You get a little piece of vegetable with each meat dish you order, but if you like, I’m sure you will be able to get more healthy plant stuff. The beef is healthy too. Meat is good for you. Eat more meat. Iron is good. More red meat more iron.


meat on the grill! with corn

Just look at that perfect marbling on the meat. Doesn’t it look amazing? I think it looks fantastic! Totally drool worthy. Just look at it!


cooking wagyu

I have to admit, the ventilation here is actually pretty good.  Considering how often I burn my food. there was not too much smoke or fire that really mattered. I hardly noticed any smoke here even without one of those sucking pipe thingys that hang from the roof. I like how the grill leaves a mark on my meat, it tells me that I’ve done a good job heating and searing it on each side.


cooked wagyu

Side dish of the day! This tempura scampi was just amazing. I wish we ordered more, probably next time. The sweetness of the scampi just worked so well to form this lovely crumbed tempura scampi.


tempura scampi

Here are the cocktails for the evening. We have here, plum wine and a strawberry plum soda. Yummy drinks. It was served right at the beginning before food arrived, and it was just so pretty. My friend who was dining with me this evening was totally double fisting these 2 drinks. She wouldn’t give up my strawberry plum soda at all! I had to get another drink.


plum wine and strawberry cocktail

Here’s another drink, the Cinderella Blue. This is a lychee liqueur base with a slight bitter finish that made the drink quite refreshing. I really like it. The best part about this is that all cocktails are only $6.90 each! Sure it does add up, but $6.90 for a cocktail is quite reasonably priced at a restaurant. You could pick 2 different ones for the start of a night out, or continue by getting a few more drinks at Gyuzou, why not!


cinderella blue cocktail

No meal is complete without dessert! The last time I had puddings, and this time round, a full parfait is in order. The ice creams are delicious, and it is a really generous serve  for $7.90 each. Like seriously $7.90 for a whole sundae. Where can you get a sundae that pretty for $7.90? It sure is good value for money I have to say. And the quality is there, good quality ice cream parfait. Just yum! Hopefully they would do a black sesame parfait some day too.


berry yoghurt parfait and green tea parfait

The over all experience as a guest of Gyuzou has been great. The staff are friendly and service is good. Would return again (for part 3) I’m sure! With more friends too I hope!

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Disclaimer: Invidiaz @ aus2usa is invited to this food tasting by Wagaya as a guest and would like to thank  Wagaya for this invite. Opinions are however, Invidiaz’s own.

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