Waitan – Haymarket

Wai Tan. This place was one of the most popular places last year, and I’m here late in the game! Never fear! Food will always be there to be consumed, especially for a place as fancy as Wai Tan.

Welcome to Wai Tan

The place sure is fancy! There’s as whole floor dedicated to private rooms of varying sizes. This visit is kindly sponsored by my boss, and I didn’t get a chance to ask about how to book a room.

Private room

These are the dishes for tonight:

Duck Breast, Preserved Egg Yolk Terrine – A cold dish. It is quite interesting to say the least. The preserved egg yolk does give this a special sort of flavour that makes it quite interesting to eat.

Sweet and Sour Prawns with Mango. – Prawn allergies 😦 unable to eat. But the general consensus was that it is quite a good dish.

Pipis in XO sauce with deep fried rice noodle base. – One of the items I would order from any Chinese seafood restaurant. Glad to have tried this. The rice noodle base was fried nicely and everything is good and crisp. Sauce was alright, and pipis were cooked well.

Sliced abalone hotpot. – Dish of the day! Perfect for cold days.

Sliced abalone on a bed of ice, with tofu and vegetables. – Each in its own place.

soup! one serve of soup! – I have to say, the soup is good and really flavourful.

Sliced abalone pieces – Well cooked, not over cooked at all. It was great!

San Choy Bao – The parts.

1 serve of San Choy (Raw vegetable) Bao (wrap) – Put them together and it looks just amazing.

Duck for peking duck – This dish is alright, I could either be way too full or it is just decent.

Peking Duck wrappers and condiments – mmmm pancake wraps.

wilted baby spinach with egg and century eggs – By this dish, I was absolutely bursting. But hey, it is century egg, and I really like my century egg.

Braised pork belly – THIS is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I wanted to take the leftovers home! But the service staff ditched my last piece! I should have taken care of it on my own. I’ll have to remember do that next time.

Fried lobster with salted egg coating – This was pretty good. I love how many little bits and pieces there were. It was a nice bite per piece, and fried quite well. We had leftovers, took it home, heated it up in the toaster. It was awesome.

Lobster with noodles – Good noodles.

braised tofu with vegetables and mushroom – this was braised quite nicely.

The overall experience was quite lovely. The room was great and it is quite the lovely location. The food was okay, i guess this is one of those places that is fantastic for entertaining. This meal was ordered to serve 8 people, and therefore you can see that, well, it is way too much food!

We were here to entertain a client, and “customs” dictates that we had to order 2 more dishes than the number of people. If it is an odd number, we round it up to the next even number. If it is a number ending in “4”, we have to go with the next even number. Imagine if you came alone, 1 + 2 = 3 = 4 therefore = 6?! madness! This is no longer in practice, I just hate to see so much food going to waste.

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