Aqua S – Sydney 

As I’ve said (in my Instagram post), “Happiness is @ Aqua S”. It sure does, it sure does indeed.

Upon entering the store, you are greeted with an Aqua wall and another painted with white fluffy clouds. Depending on your arrival time, there is usually a line formed at the counter. The standard flavour is Sea Salt (in blue) and each fortnight, there would be 2 new special flavours released. You can have your soft serve with either of the special flavour as a stand alone, or a special flavour with sea salt as you can see from my photos. You can also have them top/bottom with any of the 2 flavours. It’s so amazing!

A soft-serve in a cone or small cup starts from $3.80 and a large cup of soft serve is $4.30.

As for toppings, the options are: Fairy floss, toasted marshmallow, popcorn, popping candy.
1 topping with ice cream $5.30
2 toppings with ice cream $6.30
All toppings with ice cream $8.00

Happiness begins at Aqua S


Mandarin or Taro this fortnight. Fairy floss and toasted marshmallow on a cone! 15-28th February. My 1st time at Aqua S!


Double T flavours this fortnight, tiramisu or tomato? I went straight for the tiramisu of course! with toasted marshmallow and popping candy. 1st – 14th March


Creaming Soda or Watermelon’s the flavour this fortnight. Creaming soda is goooood fancy pink fun! With popping candy and marshmallow 15-28th March


Flavour of the fortnight! Tofu or Mango/Orange 29th March – 11th April. A little fairy floss, a little marshmallow.


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