Koko Black – Sydney CBD

Koko black is finally in Sydney! I’ve been a fan of their salted caramel pralines for the longest time, often stocking up on pieces and hoarding it in my fridge every time I return from Melbourne. It’s been a few exciting weeks, as I waited for it to open here in The Strand Arcade as well as QVB. This shop is in the location of where Bon Bon’s used to be.

Attempted to makee plans to go visit. Note that the times on the website is unfortunately incorrect at this stage. Their opening hours are till 6pm daily except Thursday nights. So after postponing it a couple of times, I finally made it! It was great. The place is nice and peaceful. Strangely there isn’t a line through the door, perhaps it’s because it isn’t the weekend, and it was raining/storming over the last couple of weeks.

You walk down a lovely flight of marble steps into the brightly lit cafe. I’m enjoying the decor in the Sydney Koko Black. It is brightly lit instead of the much darker interior like the Melbourne cafes.

Hot Chocolate Affogato – $8.50

Yup this is what you think it is. A jug of reduced thick dark chocolate to be poured over a delicious vanilla bean ice cream.


Hot Chocolate Affogato (Top View)

Isn’t it pretty? You pour the hot chocolate over the ice cream and drink the slightly cooled creamy dark chocolate drink. The sweetness of the ice cream works really well with the chocolately chocolate.


Signature Classic Belgium Hot Chocolate – $6.50

If you are after something more traditional, have one of their hot chocolates. There are a few flavours to pick from. Here we have the Classic Belgium. It also comes in Cinnamon, Hazelnut, Chilli and Mocha. Try the chilli if you are brave or enjoy a nice kick to your hot chocolate! Word of advise if you are planning to do so, keep stirring. The chilli tends to settle at the bottom of the cup.


Dessert Degustation for 2 – $26.00

More like Dessert Degustation for 3! It is quite a good serve of dessert, especially if you are planning to have this with hot chocolate. With 5 different types of treats, this sure is something special. As you can see, it is mostly chocolate, but hey, why not? That is what we are here for isn’t it?

These are the components for the Dessert Degustation for 2.


Chocolate Belgium Mousse

Chocolate Alchemy Cake

Raspberry Mousse

Hazelnut Cluster

Chocolate ice cream with chocolate soil

 The overall experience was great, service is good and just sweet.

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