The House of Herbs and Roses – Dural

One rainy day, we were traveling all the way from Sydney to Dural to visit our lovely friend who is about to have a baby, and decided that she wanted something really enjoyable to do before the baby arrives and she’s stuck at home for her 1 month confinement period. So off we go to The House of Herbs and Roses out here in Dural, where there’s a lovely little garden/nursery with tea and dining options. This place is also a gift shop if you are in need of some lovely household gifts and treats.

Enter the Tea House.

There’s a little parking area right next to the nursery, there will be room to park your car. After doing that, walk through a little garden with potted plants and other gardening accessories, you will be met with this quaint looking wood house with lots of glass windows.


Quiet little corner.

This cute place has a main dining area with quite a few tables, a middle section with 2 corners (one of it was this corner for 4 that we occupied) and a large dining room with a long table. The view was really soothing, trees and grass. It was raining outside and it was incredibly pleasant and warm in here.


Earl grey tea with a slice of lemon.

The list of tea choices are plentiful, 2 full pages! The staff was really friendly and helpful by offering suggestions, and bringing us samples of our choices to smell before making our final decision. I went with Mademoiselle Grey – Earl Grey with rose petals. Earl Grey as Earl Grey is, should be served with a slice of lemon, no milk. Really pretty tea.

The other 2 girls went for a white tea – Snow White – Organic white tea and apples. Smells really pretty too.


High tea set x 2 for 4.

Our food arrived in 2 stands. Each stand serves 2. It is nice to have a really traditional high tea styled high-tea where you start from the bottom and work your way to the top, kinda like work I suppose, but in a more fun and enjoyable way.


Bottom tier: Sandwiches. Avocado and ham, smoked salmon with capers, and chicken sandwiches.

Here we have the sandwiches. My favourite’s the smoked salmon. I can eat that all day, except capers, never been a fan of capers. It is nice to see that we as a bunch, have very different taste preferences, and we each attacked a different sandwich, enjoying every bit of it.


Middle tier of sweets: Chocolate/Vanilla cupcakes, mini passion-fruit cheese cake, and lemon tarts.

On to the sweets. By this point, we were quite full, and would really like to move on. Again with the sweets, just as with the sandwiches, we all had our different taste preferences, but none of us are really big on sweets. I do however, really really liked the lemon tarts. Good lemon butter and pastry. I did manage to get a couple of take away boxes to pack up the rest of the cupcakes and cheesecakes. Made for a great snack on the drive back to Sydney.


Top tier: fluffy scones.

I love my scones, these are nice, and a little crumbly.


Homemade jam and clotted cream for your scones.

Homemade jam is something I can really get into, and that dish of clotted cream. Worked great with the scones.

Currently, what they have is a facebook page with a contact number you can call them at if you would like to book a table if you are in the area. They do have cakes, tarts and various sandwiches if you prefer something simple. This is a nursery and a gift shop as well, plenty of pretty things to look at!

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Side Story: Congratulations Tina and Simon on your lovely precious bundle!