Pork’d – Surry Hill

Best thing about Monday is that it is usually one of those free and easy days with lots of surprises. This Monday was wonderful as well. Thank you Pauline for the invite to your lovely new restaurant! Pork’d stands on where Red Lantern used to be (Red Lantern is now on Riley St, Darlinghurst)

I love pigs! Always wanted a little pet pig and will name it Baconette or Hamlet. Pets aside, pork is a great meat. There’s ham, sausages, roasts, crackling and most importantly BACON. Fine, crackling is important too, but not as important as BACON. There’s many different styles of preparation for this pink meat and each culture produces a different dish based on the availability of ingredients and cooking style.

Pork’d focuses on ethnically produced pork matched with local craft beer. As with Red Lantern and Red Lily, the meat and produce used here are organic and sustainable, locally sourced products.


Welcome to Pork’d

Enter the lair of pigs for pigs! Had a great pig-out session with Miss Journey from Within. The staff were really friendly and helpful with the food that was available. I always love a good conversation with the people at the restaurant especially a new place. Drink suggestion and food availability/style/taste, they will probably know a lot more than us and it is always good to get someone else’s view before starting.

Monday was nice and quiet, the front had quite a few people, so I headed to the back. I got to pick my table, yay! But of course I had to pick the only table in the entire place that was unbalanced. We stuck with it, because the view was great. It had a space in the wall that looked into the food display, and there was where I wanted to be. All day, any day.


menu items

Here’s the menu on the wall! I want everything! Throughout the meal, I was snapping away and sending pics to a Mr MR who was totally drooling all over his phone and I agreed to a “raincheck, 2nd visit ASAP NOW!” Looks like I’ll probably be back soon.


Let’s check out what’s up!

More menu items above the meat display. I see ice cream sandwich! Do you see ice cream sandwich? I do! Here they serve up Pat and Sticks ice cream sandwiches $5 each, and there’s a little chest fridge next to the bar where you can make your selection.

Okay okay. moving on…


beer on tap

This week Feral Brewing Company (Perth) is on tap. I sampled quite a few before deciding on the b.f.h. It has a nice bitter finish that was really pleasant, and went really great with the flavourful food. I do enjoy a good beer with rich food, maybe it is just me being weird, but with a good refreshing beer, it cuts through the flavours of the food better than a sweet sugary drink.

Other beers I tried was the Pale Ale – very palatable, White beer – wheaty and Watermelon Warhammer – very sour, a good kind of sour, just really sour.



Yes! Here we have the meat display. Warning and Note to self: Do not touch glass! Burny burny hot, ouch. Guess I’m pretty much accident prone in and out of the office. If I could, I would totally rest my nose on it and just stare at it all day. All day every day.


Lots of meat!

Don’t be deceived by the display! The glass is incredibly clean, and the food looks amazing through it. There’s meat – bacon, sausages, roast pork roulade, ribs, a whole pork knuckle. As for sides – mashed potatoes, baked beans, mac and cheese, looking great through it.


Hoisin Baby Back Ribs (with coleslaw) $27

“I want my baby back, gotta have my baby back ribs” Is that how the Jimmy Cross song goes? It is now! Good and meaty well cooked ribs. I pulled it apart with my cutlery (of course), while Miss Journey went straight in with her fingers. Good serving size, I wasn’t sure what to do with the lemon, I liked it as it is.


Pigsy plate $25 (view from cheese kransky)

Here’s a kransky view of the Pigsy Plate. It has most of the different types of meats available all on one perfect metal plate. most of the pork selection are prepared in-house and displayed in the glass case. The selections on there were:

Cider Pork Belly: Pulls apart quite well, good flavours. good yum factor.
Chilli Bacon: Who doesn’t love bacon? This has a nice flavour, good thick and stiff piece of bacon.
Porter Ham Hock: The crunchy outer layer was my fav. I really do like that crunchy meaty type of food.
Cheese Kransky: I love my sausages, this was not made in house, but wherever this came from, it was great and I want more.
Chef’s Pick (Roast pork roulade stuffed with McClure’s pickles and peppercorn): this was great. I love how the meat pulls apart, and the crackling on top of it, so very good!

On the side, there’s pickle, baked beans and a nice crusty bread with the softest insides.


Pigsy in all it’s glory – $25

I suppose the beans being where it is does give the rest of the meat an extra flavours. Don’t get me wrong, they were really good beans. It looks like a regular pile of baked beans, but the flavours were great, slight hint of spice, the sweet tomato, quite delicious!

People who have eaten with me often enough will know that I do not like my food touching each other. This Pigsy Plate has a really good selection of all the pork choices available at Pork’d. The thing that bothers me the most is that the beans are touching everything! Would have preferred my beans in little bowl, sitting near the middle of all the meats. Food must not touch!


Mashed potatoes $4

Smooth mashed potatoes in a little serving bowl. It has bits of chunks in it which I really liked. I like my mashed potatoes smooth with chunks, yup, just like that.


Iceberg salad and bits

Mark recommended that we have a salad with our meat. “No vegetables!” I declared, which Miss J went “EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!” so I had to. Well, this is sort of like a Caesar salad, my gripe with it was that is was 1/2 a head of lettuce, I had to pull it apart with my hands to get to it. After I got a leaf out, I did wrap some pork belly in it and ate it, worked quite well. Reminds me a little of how I would have my Korean BBQ, wrap some meat in kimchi, it really gave the salad a good flavour, and cut through all that fatty meat we’ve been having all night.


view from the top!

Here’s a top view of all our food for the evening, sans mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes were an afterthought.

We went through it really quickly, because I really wanted dessert. Pauline mentioned that here at Pork’d, they serve raw cake. “What’s this raw cake?” I wondered, so I really really had to get a slice (or more)


Raw salted caramel cake (GF) $7.50

When asked about cake, I went “we will share one”. Miss J stared at me and thought to herself quietly (which she told me after) that she’s really surprised that I asked to “share one”.

This is the Raw Salted Caramel Cake. I really haven’t gotten into the raw food scene, or tried any raw food (besides sushi and salad), so I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this. It doesn’t look like much, it is a small slice, but woah, it is rich and smooth and creamy. Desiccated coconut really isn’t my thing, but I didn’t mind it at all! I want to know how this is made! 3 separate layer with distinct textures. I tried it separately, it is best together honestly. The crumbly base, smooth middle and good salted caramel kick on top was just great. My favourite of the evening of course!


Raw triple layer chocolate cake (GF) $7.50

So I gave in, and Miss J asked for a slice of Raw Triple Layer Chocolate Cake as I was too shy to get up again to ask for more cake. Like 1 slice wasn’t enough for my wobbly belly. This chocolate cake is rich, it had good rich cacao flavours going through it. My fav was still the salted caramel cake. I suppose this was a little too rich and full on (in a good way, if you love raw chocolate). It wasn’t too sweet, good texture and flavour, just that we decided that salted caramel should win cake of the day.

Overall experience: great! Food: lovely! Service: fantastic! Everyone working at Pork’d were friendly and always smiling. I like happy places, makes everything really enjoyable.

I’ll be back soon with the boys! Thank you again Pauline Nguyen for the invite!

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