Mary’s CBD – Sydney

Burgers burgers and more burgers! Mary’s opened a branch in the CBD sometime last year, offering take away only options. The original Mary’s is located in Newtown, and I’ve been hearing great reviews of this place. After tasting a few burger places, the bunch of us at work are still pretty torn on what our favourites are.

Either way, Mary’s is probably better than most of the burger options we have in the area I’m at with our incredibly short lunch break, so this is a pretty good option indeed.


Welcome to Mary’s CBD

Welcome to Mary’s, I’ll get fat just for you!


Step right up! Only 4 types of burgers here (+ 1 breakfast)

I rocked up right before breakfast service ended, and managed to score a pic with all 4 burgers + the breakfast burger.


Check out the menu!

Meal options and addons.

If just the burger isn’t enough for you, why not get a few extras on top? Go for doubles or bacon, whatever you fancy. I’m not that big a fan of the fries here unfortunately, but hey, in general, burgers sure pair well with fries.


Loving the deco.

These “scary” looking wall murals of Grim Reapers are actually pretty cool. Not sure what the story is behind them, but why not? Makes the walls look really cool and interesting. Especially with the gold tooth.


4 people, 4 burgers

Yup, a burger each! That’s what’s on the menu today for us girls at the office. Not sure what the boys are having, but we are having burgers! With bacon, extra bacon! I’m having the chicken burger. Mmmmm fried chicken.


Chicken burger anyone?

The fried chicken burger is actually really good. I think I do prefer the chicken over the beef at Mary’s. Crispy fried chicken, fresh vegetables, a good sauce and sliced cheese between buns. Mmmm… this is the best indeed.


Mary’s burger with bacon

This is the Mary’s burger (beef patty) with an extra serve of bacon. 1 patty is never enough, 2 patties might be a bit much, therefore bacon is probably the best option.


Didn’t get a pic of the shakes. Unfortunately for me, it seems like the machine breaks down whenever I’m visiting. I did however managed to get a taste of some after a couple of visits. It was interesting, the smoky maple flavoured milkshake, a little too sweet for my liking but it has good flavours.

As for the fries, I will probably have to pass on the fries. I do like my shoestring fries, but for some reason, this was over salted for me and rather mushy. I honestly would rather have friends from Maccas, I suppose those are shoe string fries as well.

Overall experience, stick to the burgers, they are good, but pass on the fries. Shakes are pretty decent as well, just not the fries.


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