Lorraine’s Patisserie – Sydney CBD

Located in a little alley down between an optometry and a clothing store, this shop isn’t overly visible from the outside, but it sure is rather well known for their lovely cakes and pastries.

These delicious pics are taken from 3 separate visits. I would love to have had them all at one go, but my co-worker stopped me, right now I think I’m on a diet of some kind, probably one that doesn’t involve cake as one of the food groups unfortunately.

through the looking glass

just look!

lots and lots of pretty pastries

Pretty in pink rosebud marshmallows – $2.50 each

“Raspberry, rosewater marshmallow on raspberry jelly dipped in dark choc”. This I did not get to try. It was on display through the looking glass. It does look incredible. Of my 3 visits, I keep telling myself “I have to get one next time! and next time and next time!” I suppose it is rather small and I wouldn’t be able/want to share it.


Cheesecake – $9 a slice

“Light, New York style, lemon cheesecake”. It sure was light and creamy. I do prefer my cakes cold, I think it is just the idea that desserts and sweets are generally cold to finish a meal off. This was great at room temperature, the richness and flavours were great, but I really would have preferred it cold. Problem was, my friend and I finished the cake before I could attempt to refrigerate it for “later”.


Chocolate Eclairs – $8.50

“Choc creme patissiere, caramelized hazelnuts, dark choc icing”. Rich chocolate flavours, a nice choux pastry, creamy chocolate mousse. It is a great treat to share, not really something I would be able to finish on my own at 1 go, not like I didn’t attempt to of course.


Mascarpone cake – $9 a slice

“Lightened mascarpone, layered with crisp coconut dacquoise, fresh strawberries”. That plastic around it, I should have removed it before taking a pic, I can’t quite for the love of god remember why didn’t I do that. My co-worker suggested that it could probably that I never managed to get an “after plastic removal” shot because I just attacked the cake upon licking the plastic.


Flourless chocolate cake – $8.50

“Light, moist Valrhona choc cake”. This was an incredibly rich chocolate cake. For a flourless chocolate cake there was a certain density to it which is incredible.

In my opinion, it tastes even better after being refrigerated. This is probably the cake I would head back to grab another one for.


Dino’s cookies – $4.50

“Triple choc chip cookie with whole hazelnuts” as described on the website. Was walking past the area, and decided to pop my head in and saw this cookie, I had to get one and well, of course I did.

“I bought a $4.50 chocolate cookie, saved 1/2 for you”.
“$4.50 for a cookie?!”
“Yes, but it was worth it!”

It was a good cookie, stood up to the coffee dunking test too. A good


Ruby’s cake – $8

“Orange scented choc mousse, hazelnut dacquoise, choc hazelnut crisp, vanilla mousse, cinnamon meringue”. I remembered to remove the plastic off this cake before plating it and taking a photo! Each of the layers was really nicely made up, my fav is the crunchy hazelnut crisp bits. Yummy!


Bert’s Pies at Lorraine’s

Looking for some savoury treats? Look no further! Here we have some products from Bert’s Pies. I had to get something lunchy for lunch, so decided on a pie and a sausage roll.


Beef pie – $7.90

Beef pie is a beef pie. Good beef pie. Good portion size, could do with mashed potatoes on top. It is a beef pie. Good flavours, nice flaky pastry.


Pork and fennel sausage rolls – $4.50

Sausage roll. Paid for ketchup, forgot to pick it up, so was stuck eating this without tomato sauce. It was good though! No sauce needed!

Over all, I wouldn’t mind buying more sweets as well as pies from there. Pity it’s take away only. Lucky for us, my office is pretty close by and we have a decent meeting room with a huge table and lots of chairs to sit and enjoy these treats, and hot water for tea.

Menu available here.

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