Fratelli Paradiso – Potts Point

Well well well, dinner at Potts Point, with a lovely after dinner walk along the water, it does sound like a really pleasant evening indeed, it was a great evening of course! (Till the bit where we did not manage to get a hold of the 311 bus back into the city and had to take a taxi, the walk was great though, really great.) We caught a bus from the city, past Woolloomoolo Bay and the navy warf, stopped a stop after and walked to the restaurant. This place is located in one of the smaller streets, it was dark at night, and took a little bit of an effort to find the front door. But once we found it, it was all smooth and comfortable for the rest of the evening.

Business card

Totally forgot I was really into colouring, I should have taken one of these home with me instead of just a photo of it, and coloured! It was only after I posted this pic on Facebook did one of my friends actually asked where the coloured version of this was. Ah, I will have to head back and pick one up some time just to do that, would be great.


Complimentary bread

This delicious crusty bread with soft white insides were really good, with the olive oil, or maybe I was really hungry and just drinking wine wasn’t quite enough. It was good bread, it was 2 rolls per person and we both ate them all.


Gnocchi Ragu – Special of the day $24

Miss S ordered the special of the day, the gnocchi in ragu sauce. Nice textured gnocchi, delicious ragu sauce. I love how these cute little nibs of pasta just works well with the sauce and it is not gritty or anything like that. Just yummy little balls of fun.


Bavette with clams $25

When given the opportunity and chance, this will always be the pasta I order. Pasta with clams tossed in olive oil, garlic and with chilli too. Fratelli does it really well. Good pasta, slightly al dente and not too soft, clams are well cooked and the seasoning and flavours are well done. I wouldn’t mind heading back for another serve of this delicious pasta.


Tiramisu $12

Miss S had her eyes and heart set on the Tiramisu even before we arrived for dinner, so that was what she ordered. This rustic slice of creamy heaven was just lovely. the cake is soft and flavourful, the cream is smooth and tasty, and the dusting of good cocoa powder just brought it all together. It was just the most beautiful dish.


Crema Cotta – Cream caramel $12

I got myself the Crema Cotta. I had to ask what kind of pannacotta this was, and was told it was more like a cream caramel, which it was! And I love cream caramel, eggy smooth creamy pudding with a bitter sweet caramel sauce on top, it was just so good. And it was a reasonably large serving as well! Totally satisfied.


After dinner coffee

Started the meal with wine, and ended with coffee, and that is just the way it should be.

Overall service was great, staff was friendly, food is good! I would definitely head back again, and hopefully this time with better transportation planned. Either way, Miss S and I enjoyed our walk along the waterside, checking out some ships parked along side of the wharf, it was a good after dinner stroll indeed. Taxis are plentiful, so nothing to worry about there.


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